5 things you didn't know about watermelon

Watermelon is always associated with summer. Perhaps the case in his stunning bright colors, divine flavor or great taste. In addition, watermelon is also useful for health: 200 grams of watermelon contains 20% of vitamin C and 17 percent vitamin A from your daily required standards.

It is no wonder that watermelon has its own holiday, and it lasts more than one day, as a standard holidays, and a month. July is the month of watermelons (and this is not purely a folk festival, and the official resolution about "watermelon month" was adopted in the USA). Here are some interesting facts that are associated with watermelon:

1. The composition of watermelon has more lycopene than fresh, pomegranate quite important, as the lycopene acts as an antioxidant: it can prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease. According to research that watermelon is preserved most of the antioxidants, not the sliced melon should be stored at room temperature.

2. Watermelon juice helps with the pain in Muscovite watermelon juice after a workout, it will greatly ease the pain in the muscles. This is due to the fact that watermelon juice contains citrulline important for the human organism amino acids, the availability of which depends on the level of blood pressure. The antioxidant properties of watermelon juice increases the potential to increase muscle protein.

3. Useful properties of watermelon korekcija watermelon rinds do well with a headache. And dried watermelon rind prepare decoctions and infusions, which help in various diseases of the urinary system. So don't throw away your watermelon rinds — as you can see, they too can be useful.

4. Watermelon is a good thirst quencher, Watermelon is a wonderful food. And ate, and drank, and washed.The main component of watermelon is water. Many people do not eat watermelon when you thirst because of its sweet taste, but the watermelon, unlike fizzy drinks and many fruit juices, has no added sugars, which are difficult to assimilate by the body.

5. There are yellow arbutine all know that, in addition to our favorite childhood red watermelons, there are others that are inside a bright yellow color. Externally they are identical to red, but the taste is slightly less sweet. In Russia, the yellow watermelons are grown in Astrakhan. If you want to diversify your summer diet, be sure to try the yellow watermelon.

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