Buy watermelon (text + 8 photos)

1. In order to buy a watermelon, it is necessary to distinguish among other items on the counter. Watermelon - a round, green and striped. An exception is the gooseberry. In order not to confuse these two berries (and watermelon - berry), gooseberries - one that is smaller.

2. Ask weigh watermelon. Keep in mind that it weighs more kilograms, otherwise it is not a watermelon, and gooseberries or raskrashenyi vozdushnyi ball. If you think it weighs a little, and you are sure that it's still a watermelon, you can rest assured in the figure. Most likely, she even exaggerated, but zanizhenoi never will. In the case of Krajina will eat gooseberries.

3. Tap the watermelon. If you answer, do not take. Sound when you knock should be booming, as if he EmptyAbout. If the watermelon will be soft to the touch, leave alone gooseberries.


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