Vacation for $ 200,000: Russian fly into space large companies

Why do we need the money, if you can not spend it in a big way? Someone obviously told Russian millionaires this theory, as they successfully implement it. Space-tourism has become fashionable. Rich and successful businessmen Russia wants to fly into space with the whole family, with a gripping and friends, a hair's breadth as others go on vacation in Antalya. Only the price of the rest - $ 200,000.

Why not use the money earned to bring their parents and friends in the cosmos? Dissected space in a spaceship in the pleasant company decided to businessman Igor Kutsenko. "When I told my mother that we will fly into space, she asked only one question:" When? "- The words quoted by the media entrepreneur. He bought tickets cost more than 130 thousand euros, and wished to invite not only the parents, "I ordered just in case a few extra seats. Maybe some of your friends to join. "

Another Russian space-tourist, Timur Artemyev, bought tickets for himself and his wife. The spaceship Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo will lift them to a height of 100 km.

Virgin Galactic Commercial Director Stephen Attenborough (Stephen Attenboro) reports that 11 people have booked tickets from Russian into space. Wait is relatively short: the flights will start in 2010. Passengers will have the opportunity to spend time in the open space, and experience all the delights of weightlessness.

So, even before he could start, spaceflight has acquired the status of a family trip or a fun party with friends.


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