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Before use, carefully read the instructions!
The current model of the dog breed dachshund (the dog), is suitable for use at home and does not require any effort on its content. Here are a few tips that will keep the dog attractive in the absence of the owner.
1. Walking dogs:
Performed three times a day, every eight hours - 08.00, 16.00, and 24.00 hours, respectively. To successfully perform this simple operation, you must:
 - Remove the leather leash with a collar with the handle the door leading from the hallway into the room, and fasten the collar on the dog's neck to the third hole. If you fasten the fourth hole - a short stroll dog if the second - fly;

 - Give her the opportunity in a position to make the street their small businesses (at 24.00 h., As a rule, and large too), and after about nine minutes to return to their homeland. Homeland taxes - Germany;
 - Housing hang leash with a collar back on the door handle. Do not forget to unfasten the dog.
If winter paddock is made in spite of the short legs, the dog still gets them to the ground! In view of the strong frost dog can start to draw in legs, doing "slow break." When all the legs are preloaded and the dog hangs in the air, it can be attributed to walk home.
2. Feeding the dog:
 - The third dog walking (24.00 h.) To cook in the kitchen a plate with a set of "dog joy" (remains of something to run, fly, or a grunt, finely chop, and powdered rice porridge - all get stuck in buckwheat) , put it in place of feeding the dog. Wait until the food is eaten (about a minute), and then give the dog a slice of chocolate previously broke it into two or three parts (chocolate, not the dog). After that, the dog can be displayed on the last (for the day!) Walk.
 - Ensure that a bowl of water was always filled with ... water.
3. Caring for a dog:
 - The dog prefers to sleep on the couch, from head to toe wrapped in a towel (pants, shirt the owner). If you see a towel lying on the floor - it should be spread out on the back seat - so she jumped with him. If you meet kokonovidnoe crawl creature eyes of devotees - the dog got into the sleeve or pant leg. Energetic movements shake the animal off the floor (waving clothes over his head jammed with dog is not recommended). Wrap your dog should not be back - she does it on their own.
Finally, in the care of a dog - do not forget to leave the pre-closing the door with a key.


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