Terms hair care.

There are some rules that will help to avoid weakening the hair.
• Wash your hair boiled (soft) water. You can use melted water. To obtain it, freeze water, and then thawed, melted until clear ice. It is this water for washing. All contaminants out of it stayed in the white ice.

• Use only lukewarm water, not more than 37 ° C.
• Use a rinse decoction of herbs. Infusion of nettle, chamomile, burdock, birch buds will increase the effectiveness of masks.
• Try not to wash your hair every day, it reduces the natural moisture of hair, and they cease to shine.
• drying the hair, comb them in different directions.
• Pay attention to the choice of a comb. The best option - a comb made of wood with wide teeth to strengthen hair and massage brush on a soft cushion with round wooden balls.
• Do firming mask once a week.
• Try to minimize the use of means for drying and styling hair. Hair dryer, hair curlers, hair iron contribute to the weakening of the hair follicles and hair loss.


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