Georgia to shoot down Russian planes

Georgian parliamentarian said that Russia will have to "pick up the pieces" planes violated the country's airspace.

Tbilisi promise to shoot down Russian military planes if they violate Georgian airspace. "If the Russian warplanes again violate the airspace of Georgia, will collect their fragments," - said the deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and National Security Nika Rurua.

The parliamentarian said that the Georgian armed forces are well trained and equipped and able to respond to any provocations.

Georgian Foreign Ministry, in turn, due to "another act of aggression - the invasion of July 9 Georgian airspace four Russian military aircraft" has accused Russia of ignoring the country's sovereignty and international agreements. "Open aggression on the part of Russia poses a threat to peace and security not only of Georgia, but the entire Caucasus region," - said in a statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry said that "the Georgian side will use all means at its political, diplomatic and legal options to the entire international community has an adequate assessment of the actions of Russia against Georgia."


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