Laugh or cry


The nature of man give not only his behavior and manner of speaking. Each of us has a characteristic gestures and movement, on which he does not think. This also applies to laughter, which in some way corresponds to your character.

Of course, different manners to laugh much more, as well as personality traits. It is quite possible you will not find yourself in this test. And maybe you find, but do not agree with the interpretation of your character traits. Then think about the sense of humor - after all, almost every test there is some joke.

1. Laughing, you touch the little finger lips?

This means that you have your own ideas about the "good tone" and belongs only to you a style of behavior. You follow these ideas anytime, anywhere. You like to be in the spotlight. Think, is it worth for this - sometimes very questionable - pleasure sacrifice the inner freedom and always act as if in armor own unshakable image?

2. Cover your mouth with your hand when you laugh?

You are somewhat shy and not too sure of himself. Often hesitate to prefer to remain in the shadows and, as they say, "do not disclose." Our advice: do not bend with self-analysis and self-criticism over.

3. Laughing, throws back his head?

You obviously trusting and gullible, but at the same time you have a generous nature. Sometimes makes unexpected actions, consistent only with his feelings. And there is perhaps no longer rely on the mind.

4. With regard to laugh at hand face or head?

Chances are you dreamy. Your friends and relatives probably will not just call you a dreamer or a dreamer. It's certainly not bad, but you need to try so hard to realize their dreams, sometimes quite unrealistic? More sobriety and realism in assessing the problems of life - here's our advice.

5. wrinkle your nose when you laughing?

Your feelings and perspectives change quickly and often. You - an emotional man, and apparently capricious. Are easily momentary mood, which makes it difficult for you and for others.

6. Laughing loudly and with his mouth open?

You belong to the people temperamental, mobile. A little restraint, moderation purchase you would not stop. You know how to say it, but Know how and listen!

7. bows his head before quietly laugh?

Are you from kind-hearted people, conscientious, accustomed to adapt to the environment and to other people. Your feelings and actions are always under control. Nobody never angry, not upset.

8. Stay in laughter chin?

No matter how many years you may be, it is clear that his character traits you saved the youth. And, perhaps, so often arrives without much thought (not too reckless at times?)

9. narrows his eyelids when you laughing?

This testifies to the balance of nature, of your self-confidence, uncommon mind. You are active and assertive - sometimes, perhaps more than you need. In such cases, try to look at ourselves as if from outside.

10. You do not have a particular manner of laughing?

Obviously, you belong to the individualists: in everything and always in the first place guided by their own opinions and judgments, often ignoring the views of others. Perhaps many of your surroundings do not like ...


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