How to manage people through laughter and more 7 Tricks Manipulator

All of us in life there (and time) unpredictable people, stupid, stubborn citizens that any arguments as the wall peas, too quickly, too slow, arrogant, timid, and so on ad infinitum. It seems that the human "species" of the sea, where the long and drown ... if you do not know the tricks of the trade applicable to virtually all.

Believe it or not, but most of the behavior of people (including ourselves, of course, except perhaps that the outspoken psychopaths) is determined by three things:

a) routine - that is, the repetition of actions or events;

b) stereotypes ( "all the stupid blonde", "all Jews are greedy", etc.);

c) prejudice (the black cat ran across the road - the day is spoiled, etc.)

. In this scenario, it is no wonder that people often themselves driven into a psychological trap. But you can not only learn how to avoid them, but also beneficial to use against others: BBC Future is remarkable 8

«know-how." 1. Laugh

Want to earn someone's trust and even ferret out secrets? Laugh at their jokes, even the bad - is an effective way to

! Laughter, even if you are not particularly funny, it helps to get close. When you laugh with someone, you show that these people are nice to you, that you agree with them that are with them in the same boat. And they answered imbued with confidence, and soon he is not averse to you secretive.

If you watched the TV series "Friends", you probably remember the "working" laughs Chandler:

Interesting fact:

- Very often laughter is not associated with humor

For example, one large study found that talking man laughs more often than the listener.

- Laughter is contagious - for those who are really interested in each other has been observed that couples who laugh at each other's jokes, even if others are not very clear, it is easier going through unpleasant moments in a relationship and stay together longer. Laughter relieves pain Sincere

- Laughter triggers the release of endorphins - pleasure hormones that are no worse than the powerful painkillers

2.. Touch

You want someone something to impress? Lightly squeeze the shoulder of the interlocutor or pat him, earnestly looking into the eyes.

Touch has a miraculous power - this is one of the 4 simple ways to seamlessly manage others. True, we can not act crudely, otherwise people will regard your confidence gesture as an invasion of personal space and you simply otoshet. Perhaps rude.

3. Keep an eye on pupils

Do you want to convince someone? Look in my eyes, and if you see that the pupils are dilated - capture the moment


The uncertainty in the decision is read in his eyes: a man is nervous, he was excited, and his pupils dilate. At this point, it is easiest to win over.

By the way, one experiment, oddly enough, has shown that people tend to trust more interlocutors whose pupils are dilated - more about this here: "The cunning trick that will win the confidence of the person in every situation»

4. The trick magician

Do you want to man something I did not notice? Try not to distract his attention and draw - what else


Oh, so we arranged - we can only focus on one thing, and everything else is on the periphery. On the one hand, it is good because it helps not throw and do the most necessary. On the other hand, we are easily fooled by simply arranging 'overload' attention: here you 10 examples of how you deceive your own brain

. So, use the "single-tasking"! Let's say you make a humiliating blunders that should not see the boss - interest him with something else, or better still a few things that he has been the illusion of choice. And while you can easily fix the error.

< 5. Read on People

As practice shows, it is not too difficult. For example, you are dealing with a person who has a wide, bony face - most likely, it has a high level of testosterone, which means that he believes in himself, can be assertive and even aggressive. Read 6 more secrets hidden in appearance, but more importantly, do not be primitive and biased in their judgments.

6. "Leadership Colour»

Want to gain confidence and to win the competition? Wear red!

Red is so strongly associated with the dominance that it has long learned to use. For example, it is seen that the boxer in red outfit probably win the opponent in the blue than the other way around. Of course, it is not only and not so much in color, but with equal opportunities red still gives a certain advantage, and not only in sports.

For example:

casino players with red chips make bolder rates than with blue and white

red tie creates the image of a reputable person

waitress in red get more tips on men

men and women seem to be each other more sexy in red - by the way, this is one attraction of the laws, proven science

7. "Selecting macho»

In the arsenal of experimental psychologists have even a trick that helps not to lose in the game of "rock-paper-scissors!" It's simple: the guys tend to make "choice macho" - stone, while a pair of scissors - the least popular choice among players of both sexes. Knowing this, it's best to select the paper: you either win or play a draw


8. Seller Trick

Finally, in matters of manipulation should learn from the experienced sales and marketing - that's really who expertly powdered brains any inexperienced client! One of the classic tricks - you create the illusion that you can buy something in a "more competitive price". To this end, among the same, in fact, put the same goods, but with the inflated price tag. The buyer eventually acquire goods more cheaply, thinking that the money spent "for the benefit", and actually did, and what would the seller - the money spent. Point.

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