For audio, you can tell how sincere the laughter of a man

Laughter is an important social signal, says Greg Bryant at the University of California. This is an indication that we are friendly, willing to cooperate and not a threat, writes Laughing not only primates, but dogs and even rats.


It is vital to distinguish between types of laughter. How to do it, said Bryant. He along with his colleagues recorded spontaneous laughter (laughing students with a roommate) and artificial (the students laughed when they were told by scientists). Then lost 63 men and women some laughs. Volunteers isolate spontaneous laughter about 3/4 of cases, and artificial — about 2/3.


Also had two of the experiment, in which the laughs were slowed down or, on the contrary, accelerated. And the people determined human laughter is not very good, if laughter was sincere and the recording was slowed down. But they coped much better if the laughter was artificial. With regard to the accelerated record, the volunteers are allocated a hearty laugh as well as when listening to the recordings at normal speed. But that artificial laughter, they are often confused with sincere.


Cause in the scheme of laughter. Its type can be identified by the sounds. Two different voice systems are responsible for laughter — emotional system (genuine laughter) and voice system (artificial laugh). In sincere laughter sounds more breathy. Noteworthy: the children's well-calculated deception. They can do this at the age of 5-6 years. And, apparently, they are capable at this age to make distinctions between types of laughter.


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