There is laughter from the heart, there is from the belly ...

< Felix Komarov

There is laughter from the heart, there is from the belly,
There is laughter shelter, there is a house.
Laughing with the soul not dump cargo,
Just postpone for later.
Dives into the mouse burrow laughter,
But life as a cat would come ...
And the decoration of fur,
Cat at the wedding will bring.
So laugh if your heart asks,
Without denying the fear and pain.
Oblique fun the death of all skosit-
This clown role.
At the carnival drink skeletons,
Let them zombie guts up ...
Well, the sad poet,
There otduvayutsya for everyone.
They cry and laugh
And monsters reading poetry,
Go home, drinking tea from a saucer,
And like lead screed.
Sew up the gaps, holes, wounds ...
And laugh at themselves,
And touch the world mystery,
His sad string.
But there is sadness, sadness descends,
As the white snow on the dirt roads.
My father was one of poetry
The great warrior -. Menacing god
When the god laughed Valgally-
That shook the sinful world.
Even the death of their inferior,
Fearing disrupt aces feast.
A death so rarely laughs
Rather, his arm beeps
He wants to hide pathetic humor
His fear of laughter by making the shield.
Laughter is the thunder - the end
creations With him break
worlds Nezhivshy shadow disappears,
When thunders final game.
That's a laugh! Lord laughs
And reviving the world!
And the laughter grows from the kidneys.
And laughter fills the air.
And how are we going smehavolny ...
What to look around us laugh?
When one full of laughter
And I, and you are my friend sad.
After all, only sad - laughter salvation,
And those who laugh - laughter is not needed
. So the sun, without the need for shade
Her works - save everyone.


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