15 cool facts about short humor and laughter

Laughter - a mystery of nature. We know a lot of useful properties of laughter, but still can not answer the most important question: what nature has awarded us laugh? However, something about the laughter still izvestno.Smeyatsya nice and helpful, and that's what arguments Site found to confirm this.

1. Laughter people is inextricably linked to communication. Merry society provokes us to laugh, but alone we laugh 30 times less.

2. Laughter causes the expansion of the inner lining of blood vessels, which helps to improve the movement of blood on them.

3. Scientists advise diabetics often laugh, because laughter lowers blood sugar.

4. From the point of view of evolution, sense of humor - the result of sexual selection, because it is a sign of the high level of intelligence and creativity of individuals.

5. «Good" sense of humor is often the result of good heredity, but "black" humor, scientists believe the result of the influence of society and education.

6. Couples who can laugh at each other's shortcomings, have a good chance to live together for a long and happy life.

7. The American neurologist William Fry found that laughter in the blood increases the number of antibodies. Thus, laughter strengthens the immune system.

8. The women laugh more often than men, and men are more likely joking. Women are more likely to laugh out loud, and men - snort and grunt.

9. There is such a thing as Gelotophobia - fear of laughter and fear of being ridiculed. This term is not used in a formal psychiatric nevertheless Gelotophobia - not uncommon.

10. The American Seth Benedict Graham in his book "The cultural analysis of the Russian-Soviet joke," admitted that many jokes soldiers of the Russian army to him incomprehensible. For example, he does not understand why the Russian laugh at it:

- Comrade warrant officer, and you can watch TV?
- You can, but do not turn on.

11. The narrator laughs by 46% more listeners.

12. Israeli experts on gynecology conducted an experiment to prove that laughter increases the chances of conceiving a child in vitro fertilization (IVF).

13. When we laugh, the work includes the facial muscles, the diaphragm, abdominals. During laughter involves about 80 different muscle groups.

14. Laughter is spending energy and, promotes weight loss. Researchers have estimated that 10-15 minutes of loud laughter from the soul can get rid of 50 extra calories.

15. Laughter and its impact on health is studying a science - gelotologiya. Geotologi, for example, argue that while laughing in the body begins to produce endorphins, the body relaxes and the pain dulled.

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