5 sinister stories of child killers

Reading these stories, involuntarily reflect on the nature of the crime. The Company considers the children as innocent creatures, but is it? What can push the baby murder, especially since such ill? The site publishes several stories that prove that the link to the crime are sometimes born with man.

1. Jesse PomeroyPozhaluy, one of the most brutal child killer is Jesse Pomeroy, nicknamed "Marble Eye". Outside the little maniac it was appropriate - cleft lip and an eyesore. Pomeroy was born in Boston in 1859.

beat the boy's father, stripped naked beforehand. Jesse aggression in adolescence was aimed at younger children. At age 12, he tied a boy named Payne to the bar and beat him until he lost consciousness. In 1872, more tortured three children. Then the police managed to catch a teenager, and he was sent to reform school.

Shortly after his release broke new scandal: Pomeroy was accused of the murder of two girls. The body of one victim, Merry Curran discovered in the basement of the house where he lived with his family, another girl found mutilated and raschle * ennoy in the suburbs Boston.

Jesse was sentenced to death, but the sentence was postponed because of his young age. Later the punishment of treason, and sentenced to life imprisonment Pomeroy in solitary confinement. He died in 1932 at age 72.

2. Mary BellOcharovatelnaya girly Mary Bell was nicknamed "spawn of the devil" and "child-monsterĀ».

She was born in Newcastle in 1957. Mary grew up in a dysfunctional family, her father was not working, and the mother suffered from mental disorders and once tried to poison pills daughter. According to other sources, she offered to men, Mary, when she was only 4 years.

The brutal nature girl showed up early: the age of 11 she and her 13-year-old girlfriend, committed two murders with a break of several months. Little boys 3 and 4 years have been strangled. The body of one of them, Mary carved their initials.

The court found her guilty of manslaughter and took into account the mitigating circumstance - doctors diagnosed Mary psychopathic deviation. She was released in 1980 and now lives in the UK with a new name and a surname.

3. Arkady Neyland

Neyland was born in Leningrad in 1949 in a simple family. He soon started to run away from home, was registered in the nursery police. The 12-year-old mother passed Arkashu to boarding school where he soon escaped.

After another arrest for theft, Neyland decided a "big thing" - robbery and murder. As he later said in court he wanted to get the money and go to Sukhumi to "start a new lifeĀ».

January 27 Neyland disguised as postal workers entered the apartment, where there was a 37-year-old housewife Kupreeva Larissa and her three year old son. Neyland hacked to death a woman and child with an ax, which had previously been stolen from their parents.

January 30 killer detained in Sukhumi. He did not open, confessed to the crime and assisted in the investigation, hoping that he was "all just" as a minor.

The trial Neiland attracted attention not only in the USSR but also abroad. Teen sentenced to death, despite the fact that he was only 15 years old, and shot.

4. John and Robert TompsonEti Venelbs 10-year-old boys are guilty of the death of three boys James Patrick Bulger. The mother left the child unattended in a supermarket, where he noticed Venelbs and Thompson. They took the child, brutally beat him with iron bars and stones, then smeared toddler paint and thrown on the rails, hoping that they will be able to present it as an accident. The offense managed to open by writing a surveillance camera in a supermarket.

The trial took place in 1993, the boy was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but was released early. In March 2010 Venelbs again went to jail for violating the terms of parole. Place the second killer, Thompson kept a secret by the British authorities.

5. Graham Yang

Young was a gifted child who soon became interested in science. Graham's mother died when he was only three months, the boy grew up in a family of aunts, until he took to his father married again.

Young, well-studied and once received from his father a gift - a set of chemicals for experiments. Since then, Graham has repeatedly noticed a strange occupation - he was rummaging in bins hoping to find the ingredients for poisons. Young experimented on mice and frogs, and then at his school mates. One stepmother found him a vial of poison prepared and demanded to stop the dangerous experiments. Then the boy began to add antimony in her food. Soon the stepmother died, and Graham was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Prove anything could not - the woman's body was cremated, perform an examination was not possible. Young continued his experiments podsypaya poison in food father and classmate. Soon the family began to suspect the boy.

Police again arrested Graham, who for a long time did not open, and began to show off their knowledge and crimes. At the trial he said that was aware that enters "not very good", but could not stop. Young declared insane and sent for treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

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