How to teach children gratitude

Elusive time flies, our children grow up and becomes more urgent question: how to educate the children the sense of gratitude which in many respects will help them to prioritize in life and to perceive the world around us, which ultimately will affect their happy future.

How can associated with a feeling of gratitude and happiness of our children? This writes Alexander Queen, especially for . In fact of all the matter is that our happiness, success, well-being depends on this beautiful, amazing feelings, which reveals to us the gate to our capabilities, gaining access to our desires and achieving our goals. And yet, in spite of everything – to instill in children a sense of gratitude for their own good need to start as early as possible.

After all, the word Gratitude Is to Give Good – has a huge powerful force of creation, giving thankful even greater benefits in all areas of his life for which he is grateful to the parents first, and then the Creator in your life.

The principle of "Semi-full and half-empty glass" acts, showing a large number of people a glass filled with half water, people see the same situation in completely different ways... One looking into the glass I see that it is not filled to the end that they "were not refilled, nedodali", and others, looking at the same picture and see that it is half full! They gratefully accept what is already there.

In the first case, the person rejects his dissatisfaction with all that he has and these vibrations rejection, claims, and grievances around it attract adequate event.

A prudent man even with a little, enjoying life and thanks to yourself, others and life for everything that has, can easily spin around the auspicious event, being the very source of the Benefit of Donation, drawing even more Good into your life.

The sooner we can educate the children the sense of gratitude and the sooner they realize that their life itself is a giftto parents their guides and assistants so that he opened this gift for myself and used it to get joy and happiness, the better we will do for his beloved children.

Unfortunately, very often we can see many children are not respectful, demanding and consumer-oriented approach in the family to the parents and it becomes sad, looking at such ungrateful attitude.

Parents were perceived as a function, as a means to achieve the objectives. Many insults and claims that mom and dad are allegedly not received, not loved too much, demanded, rudely treated, etc.

Consequently, these same claims are then transferred our children into "adulthood" and it seems to them that society – family, teachers, wife, husband must constantly be recast to fill their lives with meaning existence, which is they are in consumption, not in impact.

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Some tips in order to educate the children a sense of gratitude:1. It is best to start from the time when the child tries to speak up and "Thank you" it is better to include in his Arsenal of everyday words.

2. "Thanks, mom" for Breakfast, a walk, help in any way, given him time, attention, love and care about him.... Don't be afraid to overdo it.

3. Remember that "in the Beginning was the word..." as well as "Hello" — "Thank you" and "Thank you" carry a strong vibration that affect the feelings, the sense of belonging (happiness complicity) and not much happens and for a small child, and for the younger.

4. These "magic" words will always be a means of communication in society, his dignity, pleasant demeanor among different sectors of society for life.

5. But by itself, without nothing happens, and only we, the parents themselves can affect the Foundation of our relationship with the children every day, day after day... to Define boundaries and to feel themselves, how to teach children gratitude and to easily cope with this task in the name of their happy life.


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