As born sensation

As born sensation: exposing walk on the Internet hoax.

With the invention of Photoshop and video editors on the heads of the unfortunate Internet users inundated with "documentary evidence" incredible, unexplainable events and happenings. Let's track some sensational at the time viral sensation, and try to understand them.

1. fossilized Irish giant


During mining operations in the English town of Antrim miners came across fossils of giant growth of 3 to 5 meters. It is noteworthy that on his right foot had six fingers - Bible scholars immediately remembered a quote from the 2nd book of Samuel: "It was yet a battle in Gath; and there was a man of great stature, who had six fingers on each foot, twenty-four. " An article about this discovery was published in the British Journal of Strand Magazine.


1. Let's start with the fact that soon after the publication of the "sensational photos" giant mysteriously "lost" and nowhere since then does not pop up. And that's not a needle in a haystack, that here so go and disappear.

2. Self magazine Strand Magazine has never been scientific. He specialized in fiction, diluting it all sorts of puzzles and crosswords.

3. The only real proof of the existence of a giant photograph that you see here. But even for her to assess the exact size is not possible. I do not rule out the possibility that the photographer chose a good angle to the car in the background (photo was taken at the station during transportation) figure seemed huge.

4. If the giant really existed, why there is no expert opinion about the authenticity of "fossils"?

2.Smert seven women who have benefited from free samples of perfume


In November 2001, the British began to receive e-mail messages as follows:

"Prevention of hospital employee Ampang Gleneagles. Urgent !!!

Seven women died, put on perfume perfume samplers, are received in the mail. Probes contain a strong poison. If you get in the mail free of lotions, perfumes, diapers, etc., immediately discard them. The news about this will not say, because the government is afraid of panic and did not want to apply new ideas to terrorists. Immediately transfer this information to all friends and acquaintances ".


This "sensation" really quickly spread to the network and answered by a serious caused panic, as in Britain receive mail free samples of various products - a common practice of conducting advertising campaigns and many happy they were used and enjoyed.

And after a while it became clear that it was only a joke. Unknown joker gave him a few weeks after 9/11, so the effect was powerful enough.

3.Svyaschennik angel Missouri

Fourth in August 2013 in Missouri was a terrible accident, which resulted in the woman driver of one car was immured within the crumpled car. Rescuers could not release it because any attempt to change the position of the car and pull the victim could lead to her death. The situation seemed hopeless, but there is nowhere a man appeared in the garb of the priest prayed and disappeared. A few minutes later a Woman miraculously free.


This story was published, even mainstream media. Witnesses unanimously asserted that the priest had not seen either before or after the prayer, from which it concluded that witnessed the phenomenon of an angel. But a week later after the story had spread all publications, the "angel" found a surprise - it was Pastor Patrick Dowling. He spoke about his involvement in the incident, the interview was published, but this time the audience has fascinated some other sensation, and the story of his father Patrick nobody paid any special attention.

By the way, the girl was admitted to the hospital with 15 fractures, but soon started to recover, and Father Patrick even attended a festival in honor of its 20th anniversary.

4.Deti with black eyes



Hideous children chёrnotoy for eyes knocking on doors and windows, asking for permission to enter inside and behave very strangely.

The first case

Such blood-curdling stories have been circulating for a long time. They tell different people in different parts of the world.

It started, apparently, in the 1980s, but the first documented case occurred January 16, 1998. Someone Brian Bethel was sitting in his car when he was approached by two boys 10-12 years and asked to drive. The man claims that their presence he once was terrified, and this feeling only intensified when he saw the eyes of children - black as coal, without any hint of the pupil or cornea. Brian hesitated to answer, and the tone of the boys became irritated, if not aggressive. The man got scared and gave on gases.


The most common occurrence of children with black eyes associated with the paranormal - vampires or aliens, depending on which way the currently prevalent in pop culture. Initially told that children with black eyes appear only at night, but a few recent cases have occurred during the day.

Themselves black eyes can be explained quite simply - this terrible effect is easy to achieve with the help of special lenses. There are even special tattoos for the eyes - they can do, not only black, but any other color.

Despite the large number of sinister stories about children with black eyes, there is no sufficiently convincing evidence of their "paranormal." In other words, most likely, they are - only routine drawings.


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