As the news about Mars appear dinosaurs

It seemed to me that any more or less educated person is about what Mars' no minerals, no life, populated by robots "... However, with a periodicity of two or three months newswire explode messages like" On Mars, found the skull of a dinosaur "or "On Mars, found the skull of an alien" or "On Mars, found the ancient Egyptian statue" ... And the right to such yellowness stops at "Komsomolskaya Pravda" or "REN TV" often similar news make it to the official media, such as & quot; России 24 & quot; or «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» .

That is, the day before the next "dinosaur skull" appeared in "Komsomolskaya Pravda ..." and my personal comments and began to write indifferent fans rover Curiosity to comment on the find. At first did not want to be distracted, but when the turbidity rose to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" it's time to explain.

To begin with, as there are such news.
The desire for openness NASA has led to the fact that pictures from Mars can view everyone, even not burdened with any knowledge of planetary science, paleontology and geology. This has led to the emergence of such a method of doing nothing, as "virtual paleontology / archeology / ufology." We also sometimes doing so, looking , and even find . The only difference is that we seek and find real objects, and "virtual ... Epidemiology" - imaginary. Finding the photographs rovers numerous skulls, statues, boots, hamsters, lizards, etc. ufologists shoot this video with disturbing music and narration, and spread on youtube. Some, particularly uporotyh, and even his voice is passed through the modulator to world behind the scenes not found brave whistleblower, and does not solve the most brutal manner - complaining mom .

On video channels such fighters virtual Martian Front signed journalists yellow editions like the British Daily Mail or our "Komsomolskaya Pravda". If they see that readers are bored with no real news from Mars, journalists go to the sites or channels ufologists and publish sensational news that begin about the same: "Researchers have found Mars ..." and end with the same type, too, "NASA scientists have not yet given official comments ". So molded sensation that spreads over the Internet. As a result of the unprepared reader to form a view that Mars was just life, but NASA hides. Smarter people who just are not interested in this topic, decides that scientists are engaged in some kind of garbage, and instead research invent one more stupid than the other sensations.

How to distinguish dutuyu sensation of more or less serious research?
Almost all the big "finds" on Mars, which involve the Martians, aliens or ancient Egyptians, are made on the basis of one, at least two images. "Discoverers" stubbornly ignore the fact that the rover makes daily dozens of pictures. We Curiosity 17 cameras and during his career he gave almost 220 thousand. Frames. Therefore, any interesting finding is first necessary to consider from different angles and in different lighting.

Then you need to look at in the context of the discovery area. Does it look like on anything that is available nearby? Maybe it's just an elaborate stone, among dozens of the same intricate stone in the district?

Explain the example with the "herbivorous dinosaurs," which is now a multitude of media.
Here's the picture that started it all.

We will not hide - it seems. Here and nostrils and teeth. "Teeth," as times and became an additional factor of "confirming" discovery. If it is a stone, how could such a crack to be "teeth»?

Let's look at the area a little wider.

Immediately we can see that the "teeth" is not unique in this place, and the same light mineral found in almost all the cracks. In fact, has long been known for it's mineral - it is gypsum. It was full.
In addition, it is not visible any fragments that would have remained of a dinosaur: spine, ribs, bones, paws ... horns and hooves? Nothing.

Now look for pictures "Skull" from a different angle shooting. In that place the rover spun almost half a year, so the footage should be. And they were found.

Found a dinosaur?
I know, I know, is not found.
Yesterday subscribers group «Curiosity rover" I asked puzzle find in these pictures "dinosaur skull." With some difficulty, but still they managed. But I once suggested to them that other angles shooting "skull" does not look like a skull, so look for dinosaur - it is useless.

Arrows indicate the direction of shooting, from which this stone looks like a "skull herbivorous dinosaurs».

As a result: it's only a layered stone with plaster veins in the cracks. The same as dozens of other rocks in the area. And only from one angle it looks like something familiar to our eyes.

There is another clear example of how the different points of view from destroying sensation. The second example I like even more.

This mysterious "head of the statue" turned heads many dreamers of Martian civilization:

Indeed, all very similar. It seems half his face can be seen quite clearly: the eyes, nose, cheekbones, even the bags under the eyes. True to the mouth is something strange, but it's a Martian ... I wish that other half of his face in the sand, but at least now Martian assorted avatars.

But it is necessary to go forward a few meters, as a "person" becomes something strange:

Before / after:

Before / after:

Beautiful illusion. I am saving them. Somehow later publish a collection. In general, you can write about the psychological study of Martian mirage, and the intricacies of the human perception of reality.

The moral: rich fantasy and imagination - a bad adviser, in the study of images from Mars, Moon, Venus, etc. Not enough just to consider the pictures from the Mars Rovers, and look at them the familiar features to be considered by the researcher. If we found something, or think you have found - consider this finding on all sides, and gather the maximum of evidence, and then disturb these researchers. And when they see that they are dealing with is not a dreamer or a freak, and intelligent man, and then will be the long-awaited "expert comments».

In the meantime, you can only rely on my comment, let scientists engaged in science.



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