20 cool facts about Peter, we did not know

The site says: if you do not adore Saint Petersburg, then you just have not been there! We collected two dozen of cool facts about St. Petersburg, many of which are unknown even to local. < 1. In the Mining Museum of the City exposed the biggest chunk of malachite in the world. He was brought from the Urals even in 1787. The mass of stone - 1504 kilograms
< 2. A unique chess game live pieces was conducted in 1796 on Count Stroganov dacha in New Village. The servants dressed in medieval clothes, moved, in accordance with the party moves on the yellow-green meadow.

< 3. In the most common version of the word "Gopnik" traces its etymology from the abbreviation GOP - Urban hostel proletariat in Petrograd, is notable for its high incidence of crime
< 4. The first edition of the famous dictionary of symbols Ozhegova urban residents attended only the word "Leningrad", released to the dictionary to separate from each other the word "lazy" and "Leninist".

< 5 In the 18th century numbering of houses it was quite amusing:. Street sections extending in different areas of the city numbered over with 1 rooms. So, if the street is, for example, in three areas, then it was three houses with the same number. By order of Paul I, all the houses in Petersburg numbered row - from 1 to the last. So there were houses with three or even four-digit number.

< 6 Although the general idea of ​​the pre-Petrine times proven fact is that in place of the historical center of St. Petersburg, at its base there were many settlements (according to some sources - 40)., Part of which has been here before the arrival of the Swedes.

< 7. However, in the 18th century not far, in what is now the Yelagin Island, inhabited by bears.

< 8. From the beginning to the middle of the XIX century on the streets of St. Petersburg strictly forbidden to smoke. Roadways, sidewalks, and houses at the time were built in large quantities of wood, and often because of a thrown cigarette butts started the fire.

< 9. 25-fold increased mortality in the first year of the siege of Leningrad in comparison with the pre-war period. Total for 2 years from 1941 to 1943 the population of the city decreased by 5 times.

< 10 Only one athlete -. This is the number of participants of the first Russian championship in figure skating in 1897

< 11 Nevsky Prospect -. The warmest part of the city. The temperature difference from the suburbs in the summer - 2-3 degrees; winter at 10-12 degrees above.

< 12. In the US there are 15 cities with the name St. Petersburg. The biggest is St. Petersburg, Florida, on the shores of Tampa Bay.

< 13. Small Planet "Leningrad", opened in 1968 by astronomer TM Smirnova is in 220 million. Kilometers from the city on the Neva.

< 14. 10% of the total city area is covered with water.

< 15. Mikhailovsky (Engineers') Castle has all four sides of different architectural facades. It was conceived in order to achieve harmony of the form of the castle with the surrounding urban environment.

. < 16 The height of the spire of the Admiralty - 72 meters. The ship weathervane on top of it weighs 65 kilogram and covered with 2 kilograms of gold.

< 17. Standing on St. Isaac's Square, Nicholas I by P. Klodt monument is the only monument in the world of horse having only 2 points of support.

< 18. In St. Petersburg, it is the deepest subway in the world. The average depth of its stations is 70-80 meters! Not surprisingly, in the St. Petersburg metro stations there are no open.

< 19. of the Hermitage collection includes about 3 million items housed in 350 halls of the five buildings. To view the entire collection, stopping at each exhibit only 1 minute, you will have to spend 8 years of life and to go more than 20 kilometers.

< 20 According to statistics, every day on the main thoroughfares of the city -. Nevsky Prospekt is about 2 million people

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