Healthy body with laughter

Laughter is most suppressed in society around the world, at all times. Society wants you to be serious.

Parents want their children to be serious, teachers want their students were serious, the leaders want their subordinates were serious, the commanders want their armies were serious.

We require everyone to be serious. Laughter is dangerous and rebellious.

When the teacher is something you learn, and you start laughing, it will be perceived as an insult. The seriousness is perceived as respect, reverence.

Of course, the laughter suppressed to such an extent that even when life around was funny, nobody laughed. If your laughter be freed from all the shackles, you'd be surprised – on each step will happen something funny. Life is not serious. Only graveyards are serious, death is serious.

Life is love, life is laughter, life is dance, song. But we have to give life a new direction. The past is very much crippled life, it made you immune to laughter!

Many things happen in life, but you can't see the reason to laugh. If your laughter to release from slavery, the whole world will laugh. He needs to laugh; it will change all human life.

You will not be so unhappy, what you are now. Actually you are not so wretched, how to look is because of the suffering, combined with the seriousness you look so miserable. But if suffering is to combine with a laugh, then you won't look so miserable!

Seriousness is a sin!

~ Osho

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