In English bus bred bed bugs

In the UK public transport recently bred bugs. They "live" in the crevices and folds down in the recesses of the seat belt anchors.

According to Rentokil, the amount of harmful insects in trains, buses, subways and airplanes in the past year increased by 40 percent, with two-thirds of the growth in bedbugs. Cimex lectularius, or bedbug usually gets into cracks and folds down or in the groove of the attachment point seat belts. Bedbugs are also often found in the baggage compartments, where they jump with a suitcase on the suitcase in search of the best accommodation.

Contributes to the rapid spread of bedbugs is constantly increasing mobility of the UK population and the active use of public transport. In addition, in some cases, increase the number of bugs due, according to experts from Rentokil, insufficient preventive measures in transport.

In particular, the compressed work schedule of trains or aircraft flights sometimes just leaves no room for a full and thorough health checks as required by the rules.


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