How to distinguish an insect from a serious illness? Determine with the naked eye.

Summer is a favorite time not only people, but insects. It's a feast! Fortunately, most of the small pests living in our latitudes, safe and do not cause a lot of trouble. However, there are also poisonous insects, capable of serious harm to the victim. How people will react to the bite — the phenomenon of the individual, but the characteristics of the attacks of certain insects everyone should know!

Edition "Website" will tell you about the characteristics of insect bites, thanks to which you can easily determine the culprit for the itching, pain and poor health.

Reaction to insect bite
  1. Ants
    Red ants are the worst of the worst. Not for nothing they are called "fiery" because their bite is equivalent to burn with fire. At the time of the bite of this ant injects into the wound a poison from a toxinthat can cause severe allergic reaction. Fortunately, in our latitudes, this species of ants does not occur, but about the peculiarities of the bite of this exotic insect is to know everyone. We are more familiar red ant, whose bite resembles a mosquito bite causes itching, redness and discomfort. The bite of an insect is not dangerous, but multiple stings can provoke an allergic reaction.

  2. Fleas
    The reason for close contact between people and fleas are the Pets. Fleas are parasites that carry many dangerous human diseases. Flea bites are easily confused with an allergic reaction or a bug bite. But if you are attentive, you will notice that a flea leaves only a single incision in the site of the bite. The affected area swells, becomes red and unbearably itchy. Within a few days the bite can turn into a festering wound, since the victim is constantly scratching at the affected area.

  3. Mites
    A tick bite is not accompanied by pain. Stuck to the human body, the tick is able to stay a long time undetected. The bite appears redness round shape. Common symptoms after a tick bite occurs after a few hours. Headache, chills, body temperature rises, there is a weakness, and photophobia. With timely detection of the parasite must quickly get rid of it. If the tick remains undetected for a long period of time should immediately consult a doctor. Remember, ticks are parasites that carry dangerous infection! The most common of them is tick-borne encephalitis.

  4. Bees
    Bees do not tend to bite human just because the bite would deprive them of life. However, from the random bee stings no one is immune. The insect attack is accompanied by sharp pain and a burning sensation. The site of the lesion almost immediately there is a tumor, from which protrudes a bee sting. The skin becomes red, you may experience a rash around the affected area. In extreme cases, it may be an allergic reaction to the poison of an insect, which is accompanied by edema of the respiratory tract, convulsions and can cause death of the victim.

  5. The hornets
    The hornets are the real predators of the insect world, and are extremely dangerous to humans. Biting man, the hornet can inflict multiple attacks in a row, while the sting remains from the insect. Unlike bees, hornets are not as wasteful attitude to their poison, because using it for hunting. The bite is accompanied by severe pain, burning, redness and swelling. The most swollen bites on the face. In case of untimely medical aid for allergic reaction can lead to death. The danger to human life is a momentary sting and a large number of individuals.

  6. Mosquitoes
    A mosquito bite is really not difficult to recognize, because it is often accompanied by the Intrusive buzzing of an insect. It seems that in the summer season, from little pests just can't be saved! A mosquito bite is minor itching and inflammation quickly disappearing. Just try to keep yourself in hands and do not brush the affected areas.

  7. Spiders
    All spiders are to some degree poisonous, the poison — weapons, helping to produce food. So how can one distinguish simple scratch from the bite of arthropod? Most often the bite is painless, but sometimes there is a tingling sensation. At the site of injury forms a spot of white color with red edges. After a few minutes the symptoms can increase, there is pain, cramps, swelling. Sharp pain in region of the Appendix may testify about a sting karakurta. But, fortunately, in our latitudes there are no particularly dangerous species of arthropods.

  8. Bugs
    Bugs great poison the lives of many, knocking the sleep mode, thereby reducing performance. If upon awakening you notice on your body multiple bites, most likely your house is infested with bed bugs. The main difference is massive, closely spaced bites. The bite mark, usually stays for a long time, what distinguishes the bite of a bedbug from an allergic reaction.

As you can see, the bites of poisonous insects is a widespread phenomenon even in our latitudes. So you need to think about safe camping today!

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