How to make candle wax.

1. Fill bowl with cool water
2. Melt the wax, try to keep the temperature 82 degrees
3. Dip the ball into the wax, try to wax level was below the level of the water in the bowl, otherwise the ball may burst.
4. Hold the ball a few seconds, and then back and forth motions raise and lower it a couple of times to wax better grasp and lay flatter.
5. Place the ball on a flat surface (sheet of paper). Make sure that the bottom was flat and smooth. You can omit a couple of times-raising to increase the thickness of the bottom.
6. Let cool wax. Leaving the ball on a flat surface.
7. After cooling down, the ball - over the sink pierce the ball and carefully pour all the water and remove the remains of the world.
8. To move a portion of the upper alignment on it a heated sheet of paper.
9. After all this, your candle is ready, you can insert a candle and enjoy the warmth of light)


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