On the run

Today at 3am neighbor rang the doorbell. I fear a little drill out of the hands does not fall out.

Today went home and decided first that the apartment was robbed. And then I realized - this morning I was looking for clean socks.

During the game salochki modern kids on the ice - I'm in the house! - Answer: - I'm a mortgage! - And kicked out of the house kicked the insolent ...

Typo on a poster at the entrance to the city clinic: "The treatment itself is dangerous to your health!»

If you are dissatisfied with their government by the people, it must dissolve it and choose a new.
 - What's wrong, why are you so angry?
 - Just a new guy called my ex and threw a fit, why am I in three years has taught her to cook soup with meatballs

 - Masha, and what you dreamed of as a child?
 - I wanted to sleep with an astronaut.

"If you went to hell, do not stop, go on." Winston Churchill

Yesterday cyclist ran over KamAZ. From hitting the KamAZ
cyclist fled in an unknown direction.

 - Hello, this is your call from the FSB.
 - I know.
 - From Where?
 - You off my cell phoned.

 - For driving tests I was told that I pedaltonik
 - How's that?
- I have gas and brake pedals do not distinguish


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