Since beeswax you just did not use! Here it is always handy on the farm ...

< Natural beeswax is used in many products for skin care: it provides effective protection against irritants, but at the same time allows the skin to breathe. It also has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and wound-healing properties, making it an indispensable tool for the removal of skin irritation.

But did you know that beeswax has a number of other applications? < «Website» gathered as much as 12 ways to use beeswax !

Ways to Use Wax
Batik - is an ancient technique of painting on fabric, which provides partial shading material. Thin brush wax is applied to the places that want to protect from the dye.

painting Easter eggs
By the same token, and painted eggs for Easter. In Ukraine, they are called - Eggs Beauty!

inventory protection
The wax helps protect garden tools from rust. Wash after using the tool, wipe dry and smazh wax.

Waxing clothing
Make demi-season jacket is really waterproof as possible with the help of wax. After applying the wax layer of the product to be heated dryer, and then dried.

Work with a tree
Before you hammer a large nail into a plank, his smazh wax. So you prevent cracking of the wood.

Furniture polish
Beeswax - the best way to care for wooden furniture.

Wax seal
This print would make a love letter or gift card only in its own way!

Protection of shoes
Even textile shoes can make waterproof!

Shoe polish
Only natural beeswax able to provide proper care for leather shoes.

Protection of the skin and nails
Having greased wax hands, you protect them from the harmful effects of chemicals during cleaning.

Waxed paper
Waxed paper is always amiss in the household: wrap sandwiches to school children, bake cookies, lay a table during a test ...

Articles made of wax
The first thing that comes to mind - this is a candle! Made from natural materials, they are valued much higher, as during combustion exude a pleasant honey aroma.

Truly universal substance valuable product of beekeeping. Just think about in order to stock up on plenty of them!

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