In Germany, invented a pocket mini toilet

In Germany, on sale pocket mini toilets. Total for 4 euros you can now solve the problem of the administration of natural needs in situations where the toilet is not available, for example, in traffic or on the road. However, while a special pocket mini toilet because of the anatomy can use only men.

Wonder handbag (roadbag) fits in a pocket and has a form suitable for any man could not cope with their physical needs while on the go. The capacity of the bag - 700 ml of urine, and, of course, this is not about all the natural functions, the website "Day».

Roadbag filled with absorbent material Polymerk, which is filled with latex vessel. Once the urine gets inside, Polymerk turns it into a thick gel that already can not spill out. After using handheld toilet is simply thrown into the nearest bin.


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