Classification of women's asses

Popa vulgaris, female - is the organ located below the stationary back, performing the function of amortization and is intended for viewing, schupanya, stroking and patting lung males.


This is a binary body consisting of two halves, the so-called Poluzhopy, which are separated by longitudinal section. Poluzhopiya- is narrow-minded name of scientific delicious halves called the buttocks, although I hasten to note that on the form, and especially the smell to the berries, they have nothing. Approximately in the middle section there is a hole, it is called unpretentious - anal. The functional purpose of this hole is eliminated from the body of waste toxins and intestinal gas, the outcome of other foreign objects, but not for the comfort loving macho, of course, a few exceptions.

Now, in fact, the very classification.

Zhoppa with kulachёk.
Judging from the name, size Poluzhopy here is small, typically included are pimples instead of the boobs, the wind blows away the body, bad character and wide-open eyes, as if asking for food. Owners of such variety zhoppy often harmful, obsessed with her figure, hate tarts and pies, feed air. For the male population represent little interest, except that the pedophile customized part.

Poluzhopiya more developed, making the contours of the body attractive to men. Usually it causes excessive salivation in the latter, the desire to follow the subject at the edge of the world. Short skirt or thin transparent light trousers, dressed in the ass, forcing the men to forget about the mind. Combined with a bright blouse and deep neckline in strength commensurate with weapons of mass destruction.

Same ass, but more athletic and muscular, which eliminates the possibility of invasion against the will of the mistress. Wearing a thong popets kills instantly ... Accidents (rather, still lucky!), Who saw such a miracle, usually fall unconscious paralyzes many, some go mad. In many countries Poptsov demonstration in public places is prohibited in order to avoid mass riots.

This is a mature, grown up ass. Small deposits of fat cells and the incipient cellulite is not spoils the impression, after the owner of the ass skillfully uses the experience, forcing the men to tremble because of the smooth, measured swaying from side to side. Unfortunately, in our age of high-calorie, more and more common ass have enough young ladies who really do not even know how to present in the best way that they have ...

Subspecies ass. Convex Poluzhopiya slightly divorced in the side of the leg, the overall slope of the forward mistress forced to think seriously about what half-measures will not do here. Ahead of the real work, hence the name. To the machine is usually allowed Stakhanovite and workaholics, that is, men who are not afraid of work. By the way, there are times when one man served several machines. Such people mnogostanochnik simplicity.

Strongly overfed ass.
Even gentle rocking unlikely to make a man's heart beat faster, though, as they say, any product there is a buyer. Owners srak freely moving through the crowd, leaving behind piles of mutilated bodies. Massiveness makes them harsh brooking no objection individuals. Difficulties in choosing clothes and the place of landing seriously complicate their lives, often making a sullen. There are two versions sraki- perdolnik and sralnik.

Last kind of priests in the classification. A huge, much more asshole device murder. A man, who agreed to pose with a lady rider, which It condemns himself to a quick death ...


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