The most famous treasures in Russia

10th place: so-called "Tushino treasure." After the overthrow of the treasury were missing Falsdmitry 300,000 rubles. Boyars puzzled shrug: "God knows where he scattered the money in one year." Spend the same amount, even the king at that time was not under force, so neither give nor take - buried!

9th place: A few centuries are looking for a priceless library of Ivan the Terrible. It is not found.

8th place: In 1237, when the army of Batu, bankrupting many Russian cities moved to Novgorod, there was a spring thaw and hunger. Khan ordered to get rid of the burdensome stolen silver. It is believed that the Tartars drowned in a lake in the area of ​​Lake Seliger.

7th place: Emelyan Pugachev buried near the village of Forest Karamysh in this Danilovsky district of the Volgograd region the big treasure. And the incredible beauty Pugachevskaya crown, studded with diamonds, Pugachev was hidden in one of the mounds in Kotelnikovo district of the Volgograd region.

6th place: Razin has countless treasures. It is believed that they are hidden in Razin, as they call them, "hills" on the Volga, and they lie there "bitter».

5th place: Sonka the Golden Pen, according to legend, hid the treasure in one of the houses in Khitrovka.

4th place: The treasure of Napoleon - a Moscow trophies of ancient armor, guns, a large cross with the Ivan the Great golden eagles with Kremlin towers. It is said that the treasures were thrown into the lake at the old Smolensk road. The problem is that there are a lot of lakes and marshes.

3rd place: After the arrest of Admiral Kolchak KGB ten years looking for him captured gold reserves - 1,600 tons of gold. They were sent into the country by Nicholas II, when the First World War. In addition to fines, they found nothing.

2nd place: Value of Vladimir Golden Gate is that UNESCO has a missing relic in the register of lost humanity values. Gone are the gateway to February 1238, when the city approached the Tatar-Mongol troops. From the moment when the golden relics from the gates were removed and hidden, were never seen again. They say they still lie at the bottom of the Klyazma.

1st place: A huge amount of gold, which are located Scythians, so amazing contemporaries that there was a lot of legends, sometimes quite fantastic. This staggering number we can judge by the hundreds of kilos of gold products admitted to the Hermitage and other museums of our excavations of Scythian burial mounds. But it besspopno that the Scythians were buried in the mounds much more.


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