Learn not work

Anyone who works hard, does not have time to earn.
This is not just another "secret", it's just what makes me freer.

1) What can perform other - let others perform. Do not be afraid to give money to professionals. From hikes in store (delivery service products), finishing writing a small module for easy messaging.

2) Stop watch news. This is the most serious break-up with which I have come across: the more you listen to the news, the more you want. The reason is simple: the desire to continue their education and the desire to control the world. The last does not help.

3) Stop hoping for the best time. Live in the present, this point I do not absorb, even intuitively clear that it is needed. Life - garbage, full of frustration and success. Fleeting successes, disappointments forever, so it is necessary to score at all and simply catch the buzz of life without pondering its meaning (it is not).

4) Stop the hope that you will understand and appreciate. People are idiots, that's a fact. Those who hope that one day he will call Medvedev or Bill Gates even bigger idiot. Those who hope that people will appreciate its true - a complete idiot. Recent join the ranks of the forest of an idiot to the delight of all those who do not hope. (Or thinks he does not hope).

5) Do not try to learn something that does not belong to the soul. While not like - it is useless. Do not like the English - learn Spanish. Do not like languages ​​- Get others. Do not try to become what it is not.

6) Now, technical tips:
a) good jobs == 60% success rate. The workplace should be comfortable. Very comfortable. This means that at least two monitors, a comfortable chair and a large table. Yes, even a small room is not a reason for not imagine this. Good workplace gives a thrill to work with him. Dear monitor increases the tone.
b) a distraction. If you want to work - in one place messengers and mobile phones, as well as a knock on the door. Should be quiet, calm and maximum concentration. Work.
c) the rest. Every 30 minutes. Yes, it seems that the work will go slower. However, it's like the blind man by the set: the first 6 hours you are trying to look at the keyboard and typing fingers. Then - your speed and productivity will grow.
d) learn new things. If you know Oracle - learn astrophysics. If you know the language, learn the art. Do not get hung up on one. On the two is also not necessary.
d) do not try to get as much information before making a decision. The idea that a maximum of awareness leads to the correct solution is complete nonsense. You can have an excellent knowledge of traffic rules and never walk at night in dark clothes. But you have no one in this case does not prevent drowning.


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