15 tips of twenty who are over 40. The text, filled with experience and common sense

The site publishes the text found in the vast Runet, which delighted us. We agree with the author in everything! I'm over 40 years old. And though I feel like a kid all the same, understanding, as the old advertising comes with experience. Often I catch myself thinking: "How would my life has developed, if today's experience was available to me 20 years ago?»

Below I am writing theses that would like to inform yourself in 18-20 years of age. School graduates can smirk - that Uncle knows in life? I too have been. And now I do know that "uncle" understands and knows a lot more than it might seem.

So, what I would have said to himself in the already distant 1995?

1. once said Bogdan Titomir: «Do not smoke and do not drink, and the rest will catch up!» Believe me, it is. Of all the drugs do not even think.

2. Never, but the most difficult circumstances, do not take into debt. No business, no matter the car or on mobile or for a gift to the girl. No money - look for other options, or forget it all. Credit - the first and biggest step towards poverty. If we took - give as soon as possible and do not take it.

3. Remember, you initially no one and nothing should be. Neither the state nor the parents nor the society. You do not get anything if you do not earn it myself.

4. Learn to limit yourself. phrases like ".zhivem once!" And so on. N. - A lie, and behind them nothing but shame and severe consequences. You will lose nothing if you can not buy an iPhone or not to fly (on credit, yes) in Paris on New Year's. In general, give up consuming * dstva, be smarter.

5. Respect yourself. This means - do not chase for Ponte and showing off, do not lie and do not brag. Your self-esteem should not depend on the type of Mulk on the phone, belongings or car. Then you will be respected, and, regardless of the circumstances.

6. The concepts of "honor" and "dignity" has not been canceled. Be a man, do not go on a deal with his conscience. Do not be by shit - the norm. If you're right - do not be afraid.

7. Respect people. Even those who do, such as not deserving. Respect for others - a feature the right person.

8. Never psychos. Politeness, calmness and accuracy distinguish all outstanding people. It helps in business.

9. Avoid unnecessary expenses, save money, even if they are long enough for all in abundance. This is not to "be a miser," it means - Consider whether you buy it?

10. Work responsibly. The path to prosperity begins with labor, often underpaid. This does not mean that such work needs to be done "and to back off." I watched a few examples of a steep career people who are not endowed with nothing but a sense of responsibility. Such and such little value.

11. Try to invest. Not in the pyramids and not in a "start-ups" friends. In real estate, securities, deposit in a bank, after all. Do not look for easy and quick ways of dressing, they usually lead to poverty or, or imprisoned. And often - in both points simultaneously.

12. Learn. Internet awesome in terms of learning opportunities. Learn to speak with the money in their own language, after the course of Accountants (very useful!), Learn to understand business processes down to the smallest detail. Even if this trade shawarma. The more you know - the more opportunities.

13. Do not be lazy. Knock yourself out of this miserable feeling, though his fists. Forget about the game and hang in the internet, it is better read something or go fishing / walk, go down to the pool, in the end. Never be lazy, otherwise in 20 years will be afraid to be alone with him.

14. Never start a business "from scratch». This refers to - zero knowledge on certain assumptions. Ideal to start a business in the area, where he worked for several years and know everything, A to Z. But remember paragraph 2! Not enough money - to earn time until you have!

15. Still time - priceless
All. I understand that to follow all the rules of fifteen is almost impossible, especially when you have just entered the university. But if you have any ambitions in life - try. I promise you this will never regret it.

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