"Perfect imperfection": 25 photos, facts dedicated to the beauty of animals with disabilities

Website with emotion from this photo shoot! Pictures are made with care and tenderness popular Australian animal photographer, Alex Kёrnsom. Each picture conveys the beauty of the animal, removing a handicap on the back burner. "One of my goals as a passionate zoofotografa - catch the subtlety of charm that makes all the creations of nature precious and unique».

"I love all animals, but those who are" not like everyone else, "occupy a special place in my heart».

Some of these animals have suffered from violence, others were born "inferior." However, an animal, in contrast to the man accepts his fate, not "getting stuck" on their shortcomings.

These kids are as normal healthy pets, hustle, hurry to live, wanting to be involved at all in so far as they may ».

via www.boredpanda.com/rescued-injured-animal-portraits-perfect-imperfection-alex-cearns/


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