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Always there are objective reasons to explain the failure of its CEO in sales and keep their jobs. Editorial Board "for their labor!" Gathered useful training manual with the most convincing explanation. Have a nice conversation!

Market reasons:

1. The market for this product / service is completely undeveloped. We went out on him too early and therefore failed. We had to wait and choose the moment, but marketing has never listens to us, sellers!

2. Our product is very innovative. He does not understand the client. He did not understand the market. Must be years before it can be sold. But marketing is never listens to us, sellers!

3. In this region, not the market, customers have not yet matured to such services, services. Product / Service consumers have become boring. It is simply impossible to sell!

4. The market already has a strong competitor. He took it very fatty and profitable customers. We were forced to settle for crumbs.

5. Too many competitors in this market. All Rushed into the market. Come to the customer, and you have the fifth such a proposal. The fifth day, you know? No, you do not understand, you're sitting in a warm clean office and hold meetings. (The last sentence speaks gently, quietly and on the situation).

Price reasons:

6. Our product is too cheap. Such a low price arouses suspicion. Of course, none of the customers directly it does not say, but I feel!

7. Our product is too expensive. Competitors it is cheaper. Now, if I could sell it in two to three times cheaper ...

8. All customers need to discounts. All-all. Discounts very Turns people. But we have very small discount. They do not motivate. Marketing reasons

9. We do not have advertising. About us nobody knows. This is a huge problem !!! Advertising does not happen much, it was necessary to do a budget ten times more!

10. Too much advertising. We are fed up with the consumer. It was necessary to use the rumors, viral marketing, guerilla advertising. But marketing is never listens to us, merchants! Counterattack (which is to say, if the example of a successful result competitor)

11. Of course, they and the team is not as strong, and esprit de corps is not formed, and management weaker, but they have the same hoo what administrative resources!

12. As far as I know from reliable sources (pause) they give a discount of 90%, and even work for free in order to win the customer. We do it could not afford.

13. They have a very, very serious money has been invested at the start. Even if they sold more ours, it does not mean that they are in the black. I think they have a terrible negative.

14. You're a wise leader and a true CEO with three large letters. You know that we did everything we could! (Highly recommended way to attractive girls)

Calendar block (the most powerful and refutes the arguments):

15. What do you want, a project started at the beginning of the year, budgets were already laid out!

16. What do you want, a project started in the spring. Just before the summer lull!

17. What do you want the project started in the summer. This dull moment. All on vacation.

18. What do you want, a project started in the fall. All budgets had already spent. And there is still the New Year holidays!

19. The sales coincided with prolonged holidays (experienced managers allocate a minimum of 7 holiday periods: January, March, May, summer vacation, children and school, November, Christmas - not to be confused with the January!).

Well, the most relevant:

20. What do you want the crisis in the country!


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