Ten of heinous crimes against nature

No, we are not talking about deforestation or pollution of rivers waste. Today we'll talk about what concerns each of us, that many do with myself and my body against nature. And it's not that we interfere in the course of things, but the fact that few people think about the risks that this intervention carries. So, ten things that should not have to do with people.

10 - Correction toes

If the shoes are too small - cut a piece of a finger. Indeed, some women undergo the procedure of shortening the big toe only to look better in high-heeled shoes. The process removes part of a phalanx of the thumb. The long-term effect is not fully understood, but most likely after surgery dramatically increases the chance of developing arthritis. However, if you can afford the Manolo Blahnik shoes and the operation of $ 10, 000, by the age of you will probably be someone to take care.

9 - Laser hair removal

The laser can destroy the hair follicles, thereby removing the very reason for their growth. But this method works only for light skin and dark hair, and removes all the hair, it takes several months to implement, gives pain, can leave scars in poor performance and its effect can last a couple of years. Yes, even during treatment can not sunbathe. You then did not want to return to the list of razor?

8 - Piercing

Piercing the earlobe rarely causes problems, except for an allergic reaction to metal. With the rest of the places that people pierce, the situation is somewhat different. Puncture nipples can heal up to a year, and the remaining scars cause problems in the case of breast-feeding. Piercing genital tearing condoms can cause bleeding and increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Decorations destroy teeth and tongue often are swallowed.

7 - Decorative crowns

Fashion for ornamental crowns and grilles widespread among fans of hip-hop. Besides the obvious drawbacks like high costs and the need for a visit to the dentist, these ornaments continue to cause the acceleration of the decay in the teeth and gums.

6 - Permanent makeup

Idea tattoo makeup on his face, not to spend time on it every day might seem attractive. Of course, if you believe that fashion and your taste will not change over the next 50 years. By itself, the procedure is safe, but that the number of dissatisfied with the growing years. That color is not exactly as we would like, the fashion has changed ...

5 - Bariatric surgery

A kind of "last attempt to lose weight." During surgery, the patient alter gastrointestinal tract and reduce the size of the stomach or its ability to absorb food. The most common technique - gastric bypass. More than 40% of operations lead to serious side effects within six months (chronic diarrhea to hernia).

4 - Skin Whitening

The cheaper this operation - the higher the chance that it is deadly. Some tropical whiteners contain mercury, which damages the nerves and kidneys. Some contain hydroquinone, a carcinogen banned in Europe. Some people want to erase birthmarks, some - to hide virtiligo (violation of skin pigmentation), but in some countries, white skin just gives you more options.

3 - Botox

We do not know who first had the idea to introduce yourself to the tissues of the face deadly bacteria that paralyze the muscles, but now it is becoming more popular. The word "Botox" is short for «botulinum toxin» (botulinum toxin). One of the most deadly substances known medicine used to treat muscle disorders. As a result, there may be difficulty breathing, and death. In the United States today is an active re-evaluation of the balance of risks and benefits of using Botox.

2 - Penis Enlargement

Want to impress a partner bumpy and sluggish body? Then the operation of penis enlargement - for you. The risk of deformation and loss of sensitivity is so high that no one surgeon with a good reputation for it does not take. The procedure, however, can be useful for those who have lost the ability to use the body as a result of an accident or cancer.

1 - Liposuction

4, 5 kilograms of fat of 4 hours dangerous operation. About this is the result of liposuction. Discomfort after surgery remain not only the first time, will go until discharge from the wounds, they drag on for several months. But the death rate during surgery was reduced to 1 per 5,000.


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