Farewell letter to Yuri Gagarin (3 photos)

Before flying into space Yuri Gagarin made a farewell letter - in case you die. The letter was handed to his wife after his death under the Kirzhach. Text of the letter under the cut.

Photo in the memory of his beloved wife

March 24, 1968. With family.

March 24, 1968. With children.

Before flying into space Yuri Gagarin made a farewell letter - in case you die. The letter was handed to his wife after his death under the Kirzhach. Hello, my dear, dearly beloved Valya, Helen and checkmark! I decided now to write to you a few lines to share with you and share together the joy and happiness that I fell today. Today, a government commission decided to send me to space first. You know, dear Valya, how glad I am, I want to, and you were pleased with me. Simple person entrusted with such a large state task - to pave the first road into space!
Can you dream big? It's - history, it is - a new era! The next day I should start. You at this time going about their business. A very large task fell on my shoulders. I would like it to stay a little longer with you, talk to you. But, alas, you're far away. However, I always feel you beside me.
The technique I trust completely. It should not fail. But the fact is that for no reason a person falls and breaks his neck. Here, too, something can happen. But until I myself do not believe it. Well, if that happens, then I ask you first of all you, Valya, not to kill with grief. After all, life is life, and no one is guaranteed that it will not crush the car tomorrow. Take care, please, our girls love them as I love. Grow from them, please do not shirkers, not momma's daughters, and these people who are potholes of life would not have been afraid. Grow people worthy of a new society - communism. This will help you state. Well, to arrange his personal life as conscience tells you as it sees fit. No obligation, I do not impose upon you, and do not have the right to do so. Something too mournful letter obtained. I myself do not believe it. I hope this letter you will never see, and I would be ashamed of myself for that fleeting weakness. But if something happens, you have to know everything to the end.
I still lived honestly, truthfully, for the benefit of people, and even though it was small. Once as a child read the words Chkalov: "If to be, be the first." So I try it and I will be until the end. Want Valya dedicate this flight to people of the new society, communism, in which we are already entering our great motherland, our science.
I hope that in a few days we'll be together again, we will be happy.
Valya, you, please, do not forget my parents, if possible, help in anything. Give him a big hello from me, and let me be forgiven for what they are about it know nothing, but they are not supposed to know. Well, it seems that's all. Goodbye, my family. Tightly embrace and kiss you, with your dad greetings and Jura. 04.10.61 Mr.


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