Gagarin in Moscow

Ilya Varlamov made a selection of photographs posted on the website "Photos of old Moscow».

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Volkhonka. While waiting for the motorcade Gagarin. Photographer: Valentin Polyakov

Vnukovo. Meeting at the airport. Initially, no one had planned a grand meeting Gagarin in Moscow. Everything is decided at the last moment Nikita Khrushchev. According to his son - Sergei Khrushchev [25]: "He began by saying that he called the defense minister Marshal Malinovsky, and said:" He's your lieutenant. It is necessary to urgently increase in rank. " Malinowski said, rather reluctantly, giving Gagarin captaincy. What Khrushchev became angry: "What is the captain? You give him at least a major. " Malinowski long disagreed, but Khrushchev insisted on his own, and in the day Gagarin became a major. " Then Khrushchev called the Kremlin and demanded that Gagarin had prepared a fitting welcome.

Leninsky Prospekt, meet Yuri Gagarin

Moscow welcomes the world's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Leninsky Prospect, April 1961. "For the exact date is not charged. As far as I remember the lessons canceled and all ran out into the street. Another poster had someone clumsily written - "Chur, I am the second & quot;. & Quot;

More successfully fused version. "Yes, it was probably the second day of jubilation after a day of victory. Our - the first, America "shod"! What sort of artists, the people he painted posters and Red Square pёr. All along Leninsky Prospekt people stood met. Flying helicopter flyers promptly inserted. In 1956, when we launched the first satellite, this was not, it was much quieter, with no demonstrations. »

Dimitrova Street

Manezh Square, Photographer: V.Gumenyuk. shchipok: «Gagarin meeting in April 1961 in Moscow, had one fundamental feature - it was a natural event, which none of the authorities did not oblige anyone to go (as in November and May Day" demonstrations of workers'). Moreover, any bosses, without objection, let go of all who want to go to Red Square. I remember that the day was sunny and very hot weather, and I had a nice sweat in winter clothes that not only I was wearing that day simply by inertia - it still April 12 at Moscow was falling very, very heavy snow. "

"The picture was taken on April 15, 1961. At that time I was directly involved in the procession was the column of the Kiev district on the Red size is, something to see in person at the podium Gagarin. Perhaps it was the only time in the column of demonstrators freely "poured" broad sections of the working people, without any restrictions. Meet the world's first cosmonaut was so fleeting organized that artists did not have time to prepare a large transporant portrait of Yuri Gagarin, but the colored cards with smiling item. leytinantom Air Force immediately sold or just heard on every corner on the way the columns of all areas of Moscow. Joy glee shining on the smiles, tears of joy and pride for their country people since then I never saw! And what is remembered, it Manezh Square, where the merged columns and among the demonstrators there was a huge number of foreigners with flowers and cards with a face Gagarin! »

Demonstrators on Historical Travel in the day of the first flight of Yuri Gagarin into space. 12.04.1961

Manezh Square


1965. Gagarin with his wife and daughters in the corner Durov



In 1965, Yuri Gagarin visited France, where he visited the company Matra, produces rocket and space technology and simultaneously engaged in production of cars. There's first cosmonaut attracted coupe Matra-Bonnet Jet VS, which featured a fiberglass body, rear-engined layout, independent suspension and disc brakes. On his return to Moscow in the courtyard of the French Embassy Gagarin was waiting for a gift - Matra cerulean.

At the same time the streets of Moscow, "the Frenchwoman" drove a few times: Soviet cosmonaut felt "at ease" in this luxurious car. After the death of Gagarin's car was stored in Star City, and in the early 90s sold the famous Lithuanian collector cars, which the famous sports car tried several times to steal.

"Our country has lost two of its heroes. March 30 the country was accompanied on his last journey of the great son of the earth, dear to millions of people, the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, with a glorious goodbye falcon Air Force USSR pilot Vladimir Seregin. Moscow - in mourning. For the Central House of the Soviet Army, where the Red Banner Hall set urns with ashes of Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Seregina, attended by thousands and thousands of people.

On the pedestal, among the flowers - urns with ashes of heroes. Columns tight black and red flag. Wreaths, garlands, wreaths ... There are hundreds - of the Union republics, regions, districts and around Moscow, enterprises, research institutions. 12 hours. Terminate your access to the ashes of the deceased. These last minute - only for relatives and friends. To the sound of mourning melodies urns with ashes of Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Seregina carried out of the Central House of the Soviet Army. Stood guard of honor. The funeral procession going to Red Square.

... Red Square in mourning attire. How often she saw Yuri Gagarin! It was here, at the Lenin Mausoleum, on the eve of his historic flight. This April 14, 1961 cosmonaut returned to the winner, hero, discoverer of the universe.
TASS, March 30, 1968 »

Moscow. March 30, 1968. Funeral Gagarin, Piazza del Comune, the people standing in the CDSA

Moscow. March 30, 1968

The year 1980, the installation of the monument to Gagarin.



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