Ayurveda says that it - it is a manifestation of Prana.

Prana - the life force, universal energy. The more prana, the more healthy, successful, charismatic and harmonious people. So, first of all, prana is expended when a person says. Especially when someone criticizes, condemns the complaining mother. According to statistics, 90% of all fights is due to the fact that we're talking about someone bad. The most successful are the people that are nice to say and know how to control their speech.
In the scriptures it is said that the austerity of speech is the ability to tell the truth pleasant words.
Karma is determined by our speech.

It is important to remember that if we criticize someone, you take care of negative karma and bad qualities of character of the man. Thus, the law of karma. And also we take the quality of the individual, which praise. Anyone who criticizes us, gives us his positive karma and takes our bad.

Why do people who speak little and thoughtfully, reaching more? They do not lose energy. Another simple rule associated with speech - if we did someone something good and it boasted before the other, then at that moment we lose the positive karma and all the fruit of piety, which earned this act. Bouncers little to reach. Therefore, we should never brag about their achievements, since at this point we lose all the fruits that have earned.

Thoughts determine it, so it is important not to think badly of anyone. The more we chaotic thoughts in my head, the more they manifest themselves in the language and the more it will be messy. Anyone who thinks clearly, he clearly says. There is another level - learn to accept criticism. One of the qualities of the mind - that he is able to justify himself in any position. The lower level of the person, the more excuses you hear from him.


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