Receiving depends who gives - no

Ayurveda says that if a person is progressing in the spiritual life, it must be seen in two ways:

1. A person with each passing day is becoming happier and happier.

2. His relationship with others improves.

If these signs are not there, then no matter how good a spiritual or religious person not engaged in the practice, then it degrades.

True happiness comes from giving, of sacrifice, because we can only feel the love during recoil. Selfish, greedy, envious person can not love, and hardly anyone will love and will want to communicate with him.

Consequently, he can not be happy. And we can give a lot in the event that we do not depend on this world. The less we have attachments to this world, the more we are able to give, and therefore, the more we can love. If the willingness to take, to receive more than the willingness to give, then you are dependent.

Receiving depends who gives independent.

In Ayurveda, the most ancient medical system that is striking in its depth and wisdom, it is argued that the root of all disease and suffering is greed and envy, as these increase the quality of selfishness, concentration on itself, greed.

And what becomes of the body or cell that choose not to work on the entire body, but only to receive and consume the resources of the body? Such bodies become cancerous, and if the body does not get rid of them, then he dies.

So the universe as a whole tends to get rid of cancer cells - selfish people, or even civilization as a whole, in the first place, ceasing to give them energy. Enlightened Arias pointed out in their canons that civilizations die not as a result of wars, natural disasters, etc., and because of the fact that one begins to think only of himself, only to take and not give.

A basic principle of harmony - the exchange of energies

. Only he opens people's hearts to love and makes the world happy. Ancient healers hermit Vadi said that man is a cell of the universe, and if he does not live in harmony with it, it will not be happy. Modern psychology and medicine authorities confirm this. Professor Stanislav Grof: "The cause of all crises on the ground is an insatiable desire for persecution linear (selfish) goals."

Peter Russell: "In order to overcome the global crisis of civilization, which is based on a crisis of consciousness, we need to get rid of self-centered, materialistic mode of consciousness, generating all the problems."

Spiritual homeostasis. Selfishness, greed dangerous because they disrupt homeostasis. Paracelsus defined homeostasis as a state of harmony between inner and outer worlds.

To present homeostasis, the living entity must allocate energy. If the energy is not released, then the living entity begins to depend on the environment. The main principle of the independence of the world - is the release of energy living being. Homeostasis begins on the spiritual plane, and extends to the physical and chemical. In order that there be spiritual homeostasis, we should not depend on the world. After all, the more I depend on the world in any field, the faster I will destroy this world changes.

Primitive man could die quickly from drought, temperature changes. It has long been observed that the first in critical situations, such as in concentration camps, left alone with nature, and so on, people die selfish, aggressive. On unattached to anything in this world Yogis, it seems nothing works. They can sleep on nails, and the snow melts around them.

In Stalin's time was an order to shoot, first of all believers and clergy, as they are in some strange way that did not die in a hellish concentration camp conditions, but also took care of other prisoners until the last minutes of life exuded radiance and bliss.

Thus, we have to stop being a consumer, we have a lot more to give. But if we give to the physical, emotional, etc. levels, we must take somewhere. And we can take power only on the divine level, where it is present in unlimited quantities.

This pure Higher spiritual energy flows through us, if we do not suppress the feeling of love, we feel that feelings of love should rule us, we are secondary, if we can keep this feeling, even if we lose the human (money, prestige, a loved one, and so on. d.).

A sense of unconditional love to us is the primary energy that is consumed at all. Food gives us energy on the outer plane, but takes it in the domestic. Note that people who periodically fasting, far more energetic than those who eat a lot. So when we get sick, we stop there. The whole world with its constant stress, as well as food, unspiritual socializing, promiscuous sex, anxiety - take energy, and post privacy give energy.

But the biggest reception of energy goes through a continuous feeling of love.

Therefore, one of the first health regulations - is to love the world with all the disadvantages, you (no matter how I was not), their fate in all situations, in all situations

. One teacher of Kabbalah, commenting on the commandment "Thou shall not kill", explained that the commandments are interpreted on seven levels. At the first level, this commandment means not kill a person, at the highest, seventh, did not kill the love in my heart. For it is a major sin - the rejection of love and renunciation of unity with God. Therefore, make every effort to get rid of selfishness and greed.

Set a goal of life - finding God's love, for the purpose, we take energy and has only itself a strong desire for God's love fills us with higher energy. Please note that our civilization lives under the motto "consume, consume, consume!". The number of happy and healthy people is reduced every day.

The number of people suffering from "chronic fatigue syndrome" increases with each passing day. And how could it be otherwise? For the enlightened sages of all spiritual schools, modern progressive scholars argue that everything that comes from false ego, out of selfish motives, even if looks like a good cause, leads to the destruction and suffering. And all that comes from the heart, that is, from a sense of unconditional love leads to bliss, health and harmony of the individual and his environment.

Understanding and accepting this, start to live as if you are embodiment of unconditional love. Reproaches replace it with gratitude. Questions of mind: "What can I get from this man, society" to replace the "What can I give to others? How can I bring happiness in their lives? How can I fill them with love?. »

Stop focusing on yourself and your problems. Remember approval of Sufi sages: "Hell - a place where there is no one to whom we could help." And then you will feel like a huge energy flows through you, filling you and others of bliss and harmony.

You will notice that your visits to doctors, psychologists, psychics and healers are drastically reduced. On the other hand, meeting with you, they themselves are healed, opens up new abilities, and most importantly, filled with incomprehensible for many of them are Divine love energy. Try it, you will not regret! When we get the subtle energy.

Subtle energies when we get:

breathing exercises;
to retire;
vow of silence for a while;
walk (or are) in the sea, the mountains, contemplate the beautiful scenery of nature;
engaged in the work of disinterested;
praise worthy person for his exalted qualities and actions;
We laugh, rejoice, smile from the heart;
unselfishly help anybody;
show modesty;
pray before eating;
eat foods full of prana (vital energy) - Natural cereals, porridge, ghee, honey, fruits, vegetables;
We sleep from 9-10 pm to two o'clock in the morning (at other times nervous system is not resting as we had not slept);
We get a good massage session from the harmonious personality, or do self-massage;
pour cold water, especially in the morning, and the most powerful effect, if we are at the same time stand barefoot on the ground;
sacrifice your time, money;
We accept injustice. In the first place because we see all of the divine will.

Each person has their opinion and most people find themselves always right. By the energy loss result:

depression, dissatisfaction with the fate of regret about the past and fear of the future opposition;
anger and irritation;
formulation and pursuit of selfish ends;
aimless existence;
uncontrolled wandering of the mind, inability to concentrate;
When we eat fried or old food, food cooked in a person experiencing anger or other negative emotions, when using a microwave oven; Products containing preservatives, chemical additives, grown in vitro, using chemical fertilizers;
eating food devoid of prana - coffee, black tea, white sugar, white flour, meat, spirits;
meal in a hurry and on the move;
empty talk, especially if we are at the same time someone criticize, condemn;
irregular breathing, for example, too frequent and profound;
It is under the direct rays of the sun, from 12 to 4 days, especially in the desert;
promiscuity, sex without desire, and especially without love for your partner;
excessive sleep, sleep after 7 am, lack of sleep;
power of the mind and body;
avarice and greed.

Eastern psychology for 50% consists of pranayama - the theory and practice of certain breathing techniques that allow a person to be always full of life force (prana). According to modern enlightened teacher of yoga, we can gain Prana through:

1. The earth element: eating natural foods, live in nature, to contemplate the trees, walking barefoot on the ground. Recently I spoke with a very famous ayurvedic doctor with a thesis on medicine. He argued that if a person starts to live in nature, away from the big cities, which are forced to ride the subway, walking on the pavement, then such a person is quickly restored immunity, and he begins to live a healthy life.

2. The element of water: drinking water from wells or streams. Swim in the river or the sea. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages, spirits and sodas.

3. Fire element:. Exposure to the sun and consumption of food containing Sunlight

4. The element of air: this is the most important element of the reception of prana through breathing clean air, especially in the mountains, in the woods and on the beach. Smoking and being in crowded areas, depriving the person of prana.

5. The element of ether: cultivating positive thinking, kindness, good humor. And this is considered a basic level. For even if a man lives in nature and eat right, but it goes irritated and angry, on the contrary excess of Prana more quickly destroy it. On the other hand, balanced person, that is a good-natured, fearless, can be quite a long stretch in the city, if he is forced to live there. But even such a person need to follow the diet and regularly "escape" into nature.

In the cities are a source of prana church, churches, monasteries.

Black absorbs light, its white color reflects.

It seems to be a simple truth, which has long been known to all, but if you think about it, she has a deep philosophical meaning. Light at all associated with something pure, invigorating, happiness and health.

For example, the sun - without it life would be stopped or the world, or to become a hell. In many spiritual and religious schools is one of the main attributes of God - is the light: in the Kabbalah, Islam, some Hindu and other flows. People who have experienced clinical death, said that the ultimate reality - it is light, full of love

. But even without the various philosophical arguments, consider please what we call the Sun? Human from which is a lot of light and goodness, who is not selfish by nature. In the saints, even to the naked eye, many saw a halo over his head lights. Greedy, envious, selfish in nature, no one has ever, or the Light of the Sun will call. Rather, it is a dark, black clouds.

With health position when the healer God sees your subtle body, something about the affected or diseased organs, he says, you have here a black spot, black liver, which in itself implies that it is the patient

. All probably heard about the existence of black holes in the universe. Much of course still need to explore, but one of the indicators of a black hole is obvious - it is some kind of energy substance that absorbs all alone, and it is impossible to escape from. A kind of cancerous organs, cells in the body of the universe.

What is the cancer cells? Medical studies show that cancer cells do not come from the outside - it is the body's own cells, which to some pores were organs of the body and perform the task of providing the body's vital functions. But at some point, they change their outlook and behavior begin to implement the idea of ​​giving up the ministry authorities, actively proliferate, violate the morphological boundaries, set around their "strongholds" (metastases) and eat healthy cells.

The cancer is growing rapidly and needs oxygen. But the breath - is a joint process, cancer cells operate on the principle of gross selfishness, so they do not have oxygen. Then the tumor becomes autonomous, more primitive form of respiration - fermentation. In this case, each cell can "roam" and breathe on their own, separate from the body. All this ends up being a cancer destroys the body, and eventually die with him. But first, the cancer cells have been very successful - they grew and multiplied much faster and better than normal cells

. Selfishness and independence - by and large, this is the way "to nowhere." The philosophy of "I do not care about the other cells," "I am what I am", "the world owes me serve and give pleasure" - a world of cancer cells. Therefore, we have every second there is a choice - light of the world, to bring their lives the good and happiness of others, to smile, to care for others, to serve selflessly, to sacrifice, to restrain the lower impulses, see in every person the Master, in each situation to see the Divine Providence, which created this situation in order that we would have something to teach something, thanks.

Either make a complaint, offended, complain, envy, walk with a wedge expression, dive into their problems, to earn money to spend on their sense gratification, to show aggression. In this case, no matter how much money a person, he will be unhappy and gloomy. And every day the energy will be less and less.

And for that to her from somewhere will need artificial stimulants: coffee, cigarettes, spirits, night clubs, a showdown with someone. All this gives rise at first, but eventually leads to complete destruction. Simple regular question myself: I am the candle world or absorb light, can quickly change the course of our thoughts and hence actions. And quickly turn our lives into a beautiful bright glow, full of love. And then the questions, where can I get the energy is not there.

Rami Blekt from the book "Ten Steps to Happiness."


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