Fire Department of New York (12 photos)

1. Fire on 5th Avenue, New York, 1899.

2. Fire Fighting, 1733. People chain transfer full buckets and poured water into the pump hopper wagons. On a cart, one after another, strong men tirelessly swing pump. Attached to the pump turning "vodolivnaya pipe" with a narrowed end of the discharged water jet at 5-7 meters. High-rise buildings did not exist, so the range of a more or less enough.

3. Check the fire brigade, 1887. Wagon so long not because of a whim, but because her stacked composite ladder and multimeter hooks with hooks.

4. Firefighters rush on Broadway in 1774. Smoking chimneys "samovar", which they drag - this fire steam pump, effectively replaces manual kachalschikov water. At first, it had to carry horse-drawn, although it would seem, make him drive to the wheels carts - that's ready paromobil able to do without horses. But the problem was that such paromobil could not start moving earlier than 15-20 minutes after kindling the boiler. Riding to the fire managed to get faster. While horses raced boiler have time to go to warm up, and upon arrival to the place he was quite ready to pump water.

5. Parade of New York firefighters, 1852.


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