Unusual meters (20 photos)

City Lebedyan of Lipetsk region is known for the fact that it is the largest in Eastern Europe plant for the production of juice, but not everybody knows that here lives and works, is perhaps the most unique metrostroevets Leonid Mulyarchik.

The day before yesterday we went to visit Leonid your own eyes to look at his work. Find it "metro" is not difficult. On the hill you can see the house, the staircase (at harmonizing the construction of which took nearly 2 years), the kiosk (the administration did not give permission for its opening because of the power lines above it), the gray door on the right - the very entrance to the subway.

Nearby, on the banks of the Don, you can see the homemade wheel lift. Leonid was still double-decked ship, but he recently sold it (accidentally found a buyer) to buy a Niva.

The depth of the "Metro" - only 2 meters from the ground. Construction began in 1984. Leonid has created a society where gladly signed up 166 people, however, I learned that the payment for the work is expected only after the subway will be built to pay dividends, all instantly abandoned the work. Recently, work has been slow and difficult, well, just think - all built by one person. That entrance hall to the "station", where high ceilings and plastered limestone walls.

Homemade cement mixer for mixing solution. Everywhere conducted business (12 V) and constant (220 volts) electricity. In general, this meter has all the necessary documents and permits. In addition to the transport function it is supposed to hold water, sewers and fire hydrants for all the residents of the area.


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