Video cameras on the roads in Russia

Cameras put to the test ekspluatatsiyu.Kamery began rattling off fines. And regardless of ranks and awards. Big people began to come to penalties. A cover such a fine is not easy - everything is automated and easy to silence does not work - you have cones of different fucking excess attract. All local traffic police put in an obscene pose. First decided to write a filter to "own" numbers are not fined. Did not work. At first. Not only were their big men, but also their children, mistresses, cousins, etc. A business card with a signature cell will not show. And secondly, there is still the system tracks stolen cars is. And it turned to outrage many vehicles with invalid / expired documents which are registered in the hijacking, which does not coincide with the brand of the machine, etc., and even registered it is unclear to whom. Imagine how great man, when he was come and claim that the customs duty with his car has not been paid, and interest has run into two such machines? Or that his car is listed in the search? Bugger short again and all. They put man to filter all the information manually. But! For peryh, confusing cameras was zero, because man one-tenth of the information has time to browse. A second man is still wrong and not miss (well, you can not all thieves "in the face" to know). And man dryuchat and fired once a month - to shoot position, suicide is not working on it.
In short, the test operation was extended, and a special girl filters only the most miserable and obviously not car thieves - a few cars a day. And what to do next, no one knows.


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