You dream about this man? (24 photos)

Very interesting story. Possibly true.
And here is the story, the text is translated from English:

It all started in 2006 in New York.
Once the patient is very well-known psychiatric hospital, came to the chief doctor and draw a portrait of the man.
She said that this man appears in her dreams and gives her advice.
The doctor did not attach any importance to this figure and left him lying on the table.
A few days passed.
And suddenly another patient learned the figure lying on the table the doctor, the man who is to him in dreams and gives advice.
Now and the doctor thought. He sent out a pattern familiar to doctors of various psychiatric hospitals, so they asked around patients.
And four patients identified him.
And they called him THIS MAN.
Since then, already found more than 2,000 people who saw him in a dream.
All people are not connected to each other and live in different parts of the world. There are even from Moscow.
There are several theories.
Some say that it is simply a collective image that people dream about when they are bad.
Others say that the person of the Creator.
Still others believe that this traveler dreams.
That is a real person who has learned to get into other people's dreams.


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