Putinyata. Begin propaganda from the cradle (13 scans)

Here we managed to get acquainted with the work of the Saratov original poet and writer Irina Konnova. Once it became clear that neither Palkin, Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR, with its three dozen books or Petrov-Vodkin with "Bathing the Red Horse" or even Bari Alibasov with "Faina Faina," some were not, for no pathos, nor by social issues and civic courage, which fill this small volume, but powerful energy charged booklet.
About the author is little known. Konnova surveyor by training, was fond of literary works while still in school. The output of "Putinyata" is characterized as a literary and artistic publication.
"The collection is published in good coated paper yellow, bears a large positive charge that will surely attract a wide readership and become a reference book for the study of the subject and for extracurricular reading for junior, middle and other school age" - gave book review online newspaper "Fourth Estate».
Rumor has it that the publication of poems funded education department of the Volga region of Saratov.
I'm afraid to suggest how events will develop further ...
In general, given that the author of "fascinated literary works while still in school," we can assume that it was the first experience of a cycle of poems "Little stalinyata", then "Hruschevyata", "Brezhnevyata", and the list goes on. So, it is possible that in the near future we expect new verses, entitled "The cubs»
In general, my opinion - the old woman moved off the mind. Where can I buy this rarity? Exceptional poems. The time will come, and our children will read them on the chorus line. I think it is time to begin to learn

The collection of poems by Irina Konnova used very common technique - the plot of "looped". We started with the "Putin", and finished them (verse - or not say - "farewell" because in the book and stamped, but more on that later - Ed.). However, most of the plot were not there, the book is built on the principle of "what I see, that I sing." A "sings" Irina Konnova lot. Went, for example, in the city park, saw a couple of kids, and once born line of ponies, which messed up the girl with a camel: "Oh, wrong, this is - a pony, and me, he will not let down!". There is, however, purely domestic, household sketches from the life of "Putin", "Mom in the kitchen, Dad is busy, quiet, nezametnenko, I come ..." No, of course, no crime, just a little girl wanted to grow up: "Growing up, I will take a lipstick I will curl curls, So beautiful as her mother, began to call people ».

It is a pity that the book has been published in such a small number of copies, and before the next election is still a lot of time - suddenly after a few years the verse 'topography, but in life - engineer master plan "can become outdated and malovostrebovannymi, because they are the protagonist of today is not the most important in the country . But still, our compatriot their creativity raises rating of "party of power" to heights never seen before. Well, let's say you can imagine rhyme slogan "Fair Russia", for example, or where the Communist Party? But the author of the collection well imagine how this might relate to our main party. And quite frankly, we are sure, completes his collection of poems "farewell»:


God gave you a Russian,

Rather younger,

Build your fortune! ..

How do I proceed in the same spirit. And signed specifically - "Uncle Putin».

It was rumored that the publication of poems funded education department of the Volga region of Saratov, said that this was involved and Rector of the Academy of law harsh ... But it is not so, who participated in this way-, sorry, really godly. The main thing is that young people from the cradle to know who and what it owes to life.

Abomination ...
A normal person reading this "creation" or should treat it as a product of unsound mind, or perceive as an insult - the author willfully gives the right to call our children.

Uncle Putin Bookstore
Kama Sutra saw.
Read it with delight
And the country has issued an order:
"So that you have in your home aside
There was a children's spirit,
It is necessary to do so the child.
Not less than two! »
Well, folks, roomy case,
Unanimously saluted.
Demographics soared.
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