★ From the diary of a young father ★

1st of June. Yay !!! I have a son! My wife tells me that my copy. God, whom I like. Should go, mark the birth of a son with friends.
7th of June. This morning my wife said that the mark had enough. Talked about some son, and called to hold any package. I do not remember where I put.
8th of June. Yay !!! I have a son! It should be noted this with your friends. But his wife said that you first need to pat out the pile of diapers.
12th of June. Still cuddle. Feel like Cinderella. Oh, my fairy, where you are. Come and save me.
15th of June. It was my fairy brought more diapers. You may think that it is fed beer.
18th of June. Relatives came. Said that the son of my copy, and this thing should be noted.
24th of June. Friends came to drink beer and be happy for yourself. Unfortunately I was not able to take off to sit - bathed the child. Left early, said that it is necessary to succeed in the pharmacy for contraceptives.
25th of June. Relatives left. Said that both my son like me, but he who has mastered like more.
30th of June. Came girlfriend wife. They took me out of the hands of a child that would posyusyukatsya. Finally, I had a free minute. Go for poglazhu diapers. Friends said that the baby spitting mom. Took their son. Themselves fools and lisping they stupid.
5th of July. While his wife went for groceries, son wet himself and burst into tears. Perepelenat not dare. Found a way out - began to dry the hair dryer. Returned to his wife and slapped upside the head. It's a shame, wanted to do better.
9th of July. Bought his son a gift. Radio-controlled model tank. While he can not - play myself. It is necessary to buy some more toys for my son.
15th of July. Studied wash diapers. It turned out not bad. Wife of praise and a reward for diligence allowed to wash diapers and more.
19 th of July. Son did not sleep well at night. Constantly woke up and screamed. Had all night rocking him in her arms. Could hardly wait for the morning. Finally, to work. A little rest.
23rd of July. While washed diapers came up with a great idea. I suggested to one end of the hose to put his son in one place, and the other lower down the toilet to save the cradle. Wife efficiency suggestion is not supported, most likely because of envy, that this is not it occurred to her.
30th of July. Today, taught his son to direct jet. Whether he can not, whether he wanted to hit me. I managed to dodge, but my wife said that the curtains I will wash himself. Oh well, she still does not know about the wallpaper.
3rd of August. In my son learned the basics of the impact of Scripture today he was able to watch for the cat, and get it straight in front of the muzzle. My joy, little clouds that victims of my son became a television and magazines wife. And I myself twice had to flee. I think that ...... more records are not picky due to the large yellow spot.


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