Polyurethane foam tore ... (5 photos)

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ClusterM writes:

My mother depressurize the kitchen cylinder mounting foam. Why? Pena did not want to go,
Mom and pierced with a needle valve corny. As a result, the balloon began to shoot in all directions, foam caught fire from the stove.
The result was a homemade flamethrower. Burning jet and foam flew up and down.
I heard the cry of my mother, he ran into the kitchen and saw the fire on the floor, the fire on the cabinet, the fire on the wall ...
Thought that there was n * zdets and everything now instantly burn nafig ...
Very hard to describe the feeling when you see that in your kitchen fire everywhere.
Running flew into the bathroom, open water, grasp some bowl, pour it pass ran stepfather,
then grasp the bucket, pass again ... In the end rather quickly extinguished. Fire was gone, everything Otterlo.
You can not say about the foam tore off her ... until now. She got into the sink, as a result of a clogged pipe.
But it ended up quite well and we already remember it with a smile :) Just zasrali everything, and my mother's hand burned.
People, be careful with combustible materials.


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