Well, at least Blow

Said one old friend, do not believe that I just do not make sense. Since he works as a surgeon in one of the capital's maternity hospital, I apologize for some of the narrative naturalism. And if you allow me, I will tell this story worthy of a first-person. Appears so.
We gave birth to a business and pampered girl, 23-25 ​​years old. Gave birth for the first time. Doctors she promised that she would have a child ~ 3kg.300gr. But ... she gave birth to a baby weighing 4030 and since the first birth, and a narrow pelvis - broken (I think that you will understand the meaning of the term). And sew it to me. But it's prehistory. So. I sew it. She moans - painful though. But holding on. But here in some time (I warned you about her businesslike and tenderness) in a tired voice says literally:
 - Doctor! You have me at least novocaine injected !!!
You, I think, represent both in our hospitals with medicines, especially with anesthetics, so my answer to you is clear.
 - No Novocain!
To which I received a reply from which barely able to complete the operation:
 - Well Blow THOUGH !!!


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