Unconscious mise en scene

In cardiology to pull regularly placed fucking cultural lady of noble blood. Madame marched in the department in a silk quilted robe with tassels on his belt, and a cameo by the throat, his whole appearance showed high society etiquette and tolerance to the surrounding cattle.
My favorite topic of conversation had been undermined by weak heart and nerves due again bydlovatosti reality. But the main feature - and the medical complaint - the ladies were fainting. I must say that it mimicked them very skillfully, but burned on some theatricality and the fact that the injection of sterile water or a physical attack. solution under the guise of drug (optionally in the presence of the doctor) has consistently led her to himself.
Get rid of this conservatory Curva doctors did not dare to guess, t. To. In her department was placed under the order of chapters. doctor, and just quietly sataneli. Very inspiring, you know, when after a night shift or on the way to a really heavy infarktniku you intercept for the next unconscious staging and subsequent half-hour lecture on the spiritual impoverishment of modern youth, which in opera and ceramics parsed as a herd of pigs in oranges.
And then one blessed day for the star of the aesthetic-ladies agreed cancer: firstly, it appointed an antibiotic over bronhitika non-severe, and secondly, the duty ailing honey. sister replaces colleague pulmonology - a harsh Siberian stokilogrammovye hardened drinkers husband and dohlenkih asthmatics with a variety of allergies to all.
Check out the importance of the time (all the same antibiotic kolyat!), The lady decided to qualitatively demonstrate his favorite technique, but ... honey. sister about a benefit no one warned! And connoisseur of all fine instead of the expected effects the doctor on duty and 5 ml of water into a vein has received two sickly slaps and a full range of emergency measures in anaphylactic shock, because they do not realized quickly wake up after the slap, on the contrary, rolled his eyes and wheezed from such blatant arrogance. < br /> The doctor found shot up with adrenaline, prednisolone and so on. D. Fainting lover with a plait on a hand, two droppers in different veins, and hanging over the body with a fierce aunt and a bag ready glossotilt
Ambu ...
In short, such a shock therapy no harm, but good has not brought: fainting disappeared overnight, bronchitis has resolved itself, the patient immediately felt so good that checked out as soon as possible.
And honey. sister without jokes written premium for the timely and competent emergency care. Since then it's better safe than once on the conscience of the body.


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