Urgent business

They sent me for an ultrasound. And the system is such that you need to visit this procedure to drink 2 liters of water and bring the condom, which is put on the camera for easier its penetration into the human body. After serving in the queue 1, 5 hours (it should be noted that after the 2 liters of water you drink my bladder badly made itself felt) and realizing that I already unbearable, I realize that just that condom I forgot to bring with a. Luckily there was a pharmacy in the same building. I'm crazy eyes flew to the pharmacy and saw that the window is and what a man is talking to the pharmacist. Looking at the man piteously-ochumevshim I look he was given such a phrase: "Man, please, let me through the queue, and then I can not go on!" Then I buy a condom and even more ochumevshimi eyes run back to the treatment room. The essence of what happened, I realized at home. What is thought of me a man, I do not know, but obviously he did not think that I need a condom was only for the US.


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