Once my wife broke a glass and cut his hand this much.
Bandaged hand, we rush to the hospital emergency room. Flew to the emergency room. In the hallway, she sits an elderly woman in tears beside her is a man in a hat, coat, boots, and to some unnatural position. The office sits grandmother of God dandelion in a white coat.
 - Are you a doctor?
Grandma: -No. The doctor left the room. Wait. He will come today.
Sit. We are waiting for twenty minutes. The wife of the blood through the bandages already dripping on the floor.
I appeal to the granny: -Maybe until the doctor will come, you will find yourself the victim assistance?
Grandma: Okay. Let comes into the office.
Grandma - my wife:
 - Your surname, first name, etc.
I ofigevayu and start yelling:
 - What in the name of ass! You see that with the hand, and then will ask the name!
What Grandma calmly responds:
 - Young man. Do not scream. There's a man in the hallway on a stretcher, so he fell from the third floor. Lies and not perturbed.


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