Red telefonchik

A colleague of mine, an emergency room physician who loves to eat sweets, told me a story about the Red telefonchik. Once Michal Mikhailovich arrived on a call to the country to one person. This man had to be taken to the hospital. Misha sat down, began to make the necessary documents. In front of him on the table lay a bag of caramel sweets. Misha says:
 - Man! Can I have some candy and then take a cup of tea at the substation?
He answers:
 - Oh, doctor, take the whole bag!
 - Is it true you can?
 - Yes, of course!
Michal Mikhailovich took the candy, put next to each other, sitting writes. And suddenly he remembers that the substation is necessary to call and radio in the car is not working. Think "How to call?", Then says in a corner room on the table red phone, even though it happens in the country and the phone seems to be here should not be. Asks:
 - Tell me, won the red phone you running?
The patient was taken aback, looks at the phone, Mikhail Mikhailovich, then again on the phone. Then he said:
 - A figure with you, and take away the phone!


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