I told my friend's wife (she is a doctor), prohodish student practice on "ER».
There is a type of single grandmothers, who when they are bored and sad start shopping, clinics and the like to hang out in line, doctors complain ...
And some of them may "fast" cause to somehow diversify his lonely life. Here's to a grandmother and got a team in which my friend was on duty.
Measured her blood pressure, pulse, examined everything that is possible - no warning signs there, Grandma healthy. And she wails and laments: "Oh poor me rodnenky, mustache hurts, do ukolchik me at least some ..." Well, the guys decided to - we'll do it to calm down glucose. Rollover grandmother, bared her "ass", and on the buttocks zelenkoj written: "Grandma's lying!". A team from the previous call, tried to ...


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