Sorry, Dad, I'm busy

Like most children, my five year old (at the time) son willingly Enrich your vocabulary with peers. And, of course, also periodically demonstrated their potential home.
Once, in response to a comment by the father replied simply and clearly:
 - Yes, you fuck off!
My husband is not original and, therefore, took the child to bring up. Say, expressed indecently so, it is necessary to say:
 - I'm sorry, Dad, I'm busy ...
At the end of the week (or so), history repeated itself. But this time, my father decided to persevere and strengthen the educational work is not limited to psychological influence. The child, too, was not so simple, and promised the pope to reciprocate. The parent not endure such impudence, he decided to fulfill his promises to the fullest. But the child was not stupid enough to wait until his father will dare to tear a certain part of his body on the couch and hurried retreat to the kitchen, which is usually under the jurisdiction of the mother. Father, finally convinced of the rightness of their intentions, chased son ... Realizing that saving kitchen is much more than his father's fist, the successor, however, was not taken aback. He courageously struggling pressed himself into the wall just one part of the body through which the father was going to affect the disobedient son, and unabashedly said the magic words:
 - I'm sorry, Dad, I'm busy! ..
RS Instead of his son in the kitchen there was Dad, and not run, and crawl ...
RR S. Papa choked hysterical laughter is not a moment ...


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