We arrived with my six year old daughter to visit my girlfriend, who has a daughter the same age. While mothers drank coffee in the kitchen, the girls went to wash their hands.
Fifteen minutes later my daughter comes girlfriend and her panties wet. A friend asked, "What are you, She drenched herself with water?" To which the child replies that no, they say, are described. Well, of course, my friend - in a rage, you say, has grown girl, you go to school soon, and you wrote !!! Let's go change clothes. Well, a girl and says that you say, my mother go out, myself. Then my mother even more be angry on such neponyatok, daughter pulls her panties, and one falls ... Alwaus! with wings !!! It turns out that the girl in the bathroom found the aforesaid goods packaging and decided to conduct an experiment. Mom does not know whether to laugh or get angry to her, I have to laugh at all I can not straighten up. Mom daughter asks: "Do you know what they need?" "Of course," - said the child - "to hold the moisture." And to add insult: "Only they lie, they do not absorb anything!"


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