The fourteenth of February in our country for some time now began to celebrate Day of the Holy. Valentine. And according to tradition on this day lovers and just good friends give each other "Valentine" - otkrytochku with all sorts of "good words».
And as they like to do in our country - rhymes. And quite questionable content ... I bought a few and give otkrytochek read her younger sister. A child of five years, it is quite fluent reading printed texts, and with written more difficult, but writing letters written knows. This is important. So, it reads otkrytochku and there is such a poem:
 - Day and night Seek love. And let hope stirs the blood! Moreover, the letter "e" in the word "day" is written quite intricately - up tail! child looks confused a few seconds, and then outputs the phrase: "Ibnem and night ...".


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